Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sweetspot, Marina Bay Sands: Unique lantern mooncake box

It came to my family as a complementary gift from Marina Bay Sands (MBS) after a staycation at the prestigious hotel. We were all surprised not by the kind gesture from the hotel staffs handling our gift to us but rather the design of the mooncake box. A shape of a lantern and now just how many restaurants and hotels put in effort to create such a pretty box like MBS does?
While I hardly have a double egg yolk white lotus mooncake of any sort near me due to the amount of cholesterol in each pastries, I was more than happy to take one or two cuts out of this sinfulest baked pastry. Sweetspot rendition was soft, almost like a knife through butter. It didn't crumble that much compared to other brands and the white lotus paste was commendable. Not too sweet and not too sticky that it sticks to your gums and teeth.

The only problem I have was the double egg yolk which was just plain unhealthy. Especially if you have been eating mooncakes of every sort since bakers just churning them but apart from that, MBS mooncakes could do very well if it ain't that expensive ($60 for a box of four double egg yolk white lotus traditional baked mooncakes).
 Have a wonderful Mid Autumn Festival!

Sweet Spot
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Tel: 65 6688-5668

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