Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Group Therapy Cafe II: Brunch on Sofas

When my high tea partner told me that she haven't had a good brunch session for a long time and read good reviews after good reviews about the food at Group Therapy, I cancelled our supposed plan to visit Holland Village and make a detour to Duxton instead. Another reason was because I knew how much this particular friend of mine loves eating on the couch and Group Therapy just fits her criteria but I wonder does her mum allows her to eat on the couch? I know my mum won't!

There's no need for me to rewrite my impression of the cafe again but we were surprised to see lunch crowd on a typical weekday afternoon since it's usually pretty quiet on my last visit in the late afternoons. We laze on the comfy couch enjoying the little details in the room, waiting for our food to arrive. Knowing little of what's to come...

I mean just look at the Poached Eggs On Toast ($15.00) or I should say a REALLY HUGE TOAST! Slapping in between the eggs and toast was cuts of smoked salmons then top off with a gracious amount of hollandaise sauce. That my fellow egg lovers was Group Therapy's rendition of the ever popular Egg Benedict.
I prefer my eggs on toast to be Sunny Side Up ($16.00) with thinly sliced parma ham and a heap of parmesan cheese. Call me a sucker but I just love everything with parma ham and parmesan cheese!

Although Group Therapy serves up your typical mainstream brunch food, you can't deny the fact that at least they do it well and hearty. We walked down the stairs with our tummy satisfied, discussing where would be a nice place for cakes. Such is the necessity to us who proclaim ourselves as fans of high tea.

49 Duxton Road #02-01, Singapore 089513
Tel: +65 6222 2554

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