Sunday, 23 September 2012

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant's mooncakes: The best Snowskin Mooncakes in town

It is possibly if not undeniably one of the best snowskin mooncakes you will ever find buy in Singapore. Each exquisitely if not intricately made from scratch. The knelling and the molding, all made from hands. Dusted with snowy powder, East Ocean's mini snowskin mooncakes are one of the highly sought ones I must have for every mid autumn festival. I can do away with carrying lanterns (or burning them as with all other children would when their parents aren't looking), do away with sipping tea and peeling pomelo but there's one thing I can never do without is a box of their mini snow white pastries. 
What I really love about the Teochew restaurant's snow white delights is the fact that they got the filling to the soft glutinous rice crust ratio just right. You could savour the filling and yet not having  that overkill feeling while enjoying the soft chewy texture of the thin mochi skin and still have room for another one. 

Aside from the perfect marriage of fillings and crusts, another plus point that makes East Ocean rendition so different from your typical mainstreams one would be the firmness when attempting to slice one. Where there are mooncakes which simply disintegrate and make a whole mess on your knife and plate, I find East Ocean's sweet little mini treats still standing firm and strong as I portion them into minier treats. That's definitely a plus point for me. The ease of cutting cutting mooncakes without making a whole lot of mess.
They come in three different fillings; the sweet white lotus paste, delicate green tea paste and mild yellow custard ones. Out of the three, white lotus paste fare the best and to a larger extend better than most other mooncakes I tried over the years. The paste is pleasing to the palette if not smooth silky consistency. Green tea is the runner up which I like it mild while  yellow custard could be slight richer as it hover around the range of bland but still fantastic.  

When it comes to mooncakes, I prefer to stick to a few brands although once in a while curiosity calls me to try new ones but I never end the festive season without a box or two from East Ocean. I would even go as far that it's the standard I expect for any other snowskins mooncakes. If not I wouldn't say proclaim on my blog as one of the best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore.

Ngee Ann City #05-08/09
391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Tel: +65 6235 9088

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