Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cedele Bakery Cafes: The definition of convenient healthy food

While I try my best to stay clear of  conventional coffee outlets, there are  just some brands that I must admit that really does left quite an impression good enough for me to return time and time again. If TCC is what defines a cafe with conducive environment for quality conversations then Cedele would be what defines terrific if not healthy food to keep the conversations going. 

Eating healthily is really the trend now. You can see our government promoting it's citizen having more vegetables in this and less oil in that because of rising health issues within the community. Can you imagine asking the hawker to use less oil in your favourite Char Kway Teow? I can but just be prepared to have your head smack by that metal ladle. You can even see bloggers promoting government initiatives to eat healthily. While I think it's important to have proper meals and everything else in moderation, there will always be those spruce of moments where you just can't resist pampering yourself...

I know I know...

Desserts aren't particularly healthy to begin with right? I know of a few dessert haters who will make sarcastic remarks about my endless search for all things sweet, claiming that they could use the same amount of money to buy X amount of $2.00 chicken rice as if that plate of oily rice with strips of cholesterol packed chicken skins is the healthiest thing in the world. Seriously, my heart bleeds for your dessert deprived life!
A little sweetness in life ain't too much right and how healthy do you want when you know the cakes in front of you contains only unsalted butter and whatever else that's organic? I mean how healthy do you want your desserts to gets? Just like our Blueberry Hazelnut Cheese Cake with hues of blues hidden inside the chilled cheese delight then topped of with what I like to think as organic hazelnuts too! Chocolate Truffle Cake was one of those chocolate lover's dream come true. As chocolaty as I love it to be, I never quite enjoy the dry-mouth taste that the chocolate powder on the surface of the cake. 
Hot Mocha anyone? It's made from organic coffee beans you know? The only thing I knew was how much the girlfriend loved her cuppa. It's funny to hear her describing her favourite food. Funny to hear it but even funnier to see her in action! I foresee my ear being twisted for what I've just said. *Glup*
My motto is simple. When one isn't enough, go for another! True enough, we found ourselves at another outlet of Cedele again for tea. Dark Real Chocolate Cake is a really moist and dense piece of chocolate and mocha surprise. 
Red Velvet Cake was two stacks of oily and dense dark red pound cakes all packed neatly together with cream cheese. There's no doubt it's oozing oil everywhere but rest assure that they are just grapeseed oil, meaning just you can just enjoy in peace.

I come to realise that conventional outlets isn't such a bad concept afterall. At least you can always pop by the nearest cafe for your so desired cravings. Especially one that's done really good and healthy...

Novena Square #01-01/02
238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683
Tel: +65 6258 5991
Website: http://www.cedeledepot.com

Golden Shoe Carpark #01-34
50 Market Street
Tel: +65 6532 6163

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