Friday, 28 September 2012

Dean & DeLuca: Quiet weekday afternoon brunch

Photo above from Dean & DeLuca.

Popular cafes often depicts the typical scene of a busy lunch time crowd where tables for twos and fours are hoard up with families and friends with staffs both busy inside and outside the kitchen. Churning and whipping if not styling everything into plates and bowls in an attempt to feed those hungry souls. Hoping that everyone would leave through the same doors as they entered feeling gratified if not, satisfied. It's kind of chaotic if you ask me, imagine all the formulated opinions about the food and service all at one go. Good if all goes well and bad if it's well, really bad.

I can imagine that kind of chaotic scene during the first one or two months of the famous gourmet cafe across the Pacific Ocean. But I never like to enjoy my meals in a explicitly noisy area since it's distracting to strike a conversation when the kid next table is crying in an attempt to sound his mummy he soiled his pants. 

So I waited out the months and reading the hits and misses online. Spying with my little eyes when would be a good time to drop by Orchard Central for breakfast, lunch or simply, brunch. I found the perfect time just when the cafe was fairly cleared of the office crowd during a rather late weekday afternoon. Lunch or brunch for all I care. I'm just gonna walk in and see how the cafe from New York fares.
Everything on the menu is up there, in between of city's clock below and the food loaded counter above. Fresh salads and humongous sandwiches that Dean & Deluca has to offer but nothing caught my attention than the section that says "All-day Breakfast". Forget about lunch or tea, if it's breakfast then thumbs up for me!

The American Country Breakfast ($22.00) was what I guess the American by the countryside would have? Everything was huge and everything was great. Maybe just the scrambled egg, My brunch partner and I prefer it firmer than runny.
Belgium Stacks ($21.00) was a name too tempting to resist from saying. Upon arrival, I think they should call it Belgium tent instead. I like how everything was presented from the vivid colours from the berries and sweet sauce even down right to the vanilla snowball hidden within. It was only a pity that I've ordered it only to devour it. 

Popular places like Dean & Deluca usually signifies a great deal of crowd so if you're trying to squeeze yourself amidst the hustle and bustle just to enjoy some time with friends or yourself, why not enter the room when it's quieter? How about a quiet weekday afternoon brunch instead of the usual weekend ones...

Orchard Central #04-23/24
181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6509 7708

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