Friday, 21 September 2012

The lan party: Where gamers meets food

It is said that when light is at it's weakest and the moon turns blue (once every blue moon), six awesome (I think they are awesome!) individuals would gather by the table of hollies surrounded by mouth watering, lips smacking if not a whole lot of delicious food. It was the highest calling indeed with each righteous soul giving thanks to their creators for the meal. Dish after dish they consumed till siren was sung. The incredible six moved to their respective station made of make-shift tables upon cold hard wooden floor. With mouse and keypads ready at their dispense, they game till the sound of cute and cuddling dogs barking grows ever louder signalling a new dawn ceasing the joy of gaming in time to come with breakfast by the table of hollies once again.

Sometimes, I seriously think I could be a writer (which I think I am) although my command of English isn't that great but well, I can leave that story for another day and share what I want today or whichever day you come across this post. 

As much as the title gives everything off, I still like to tell the Whole Wide World that I'm a gamer as much as I'm a foodie. I'm gonna foresee many of my friends would be in a state of shock reading the previous sentence but hey! Live with it and accept the fact that I still love to shoot zombies and own a few noobs okay?
Like I mention in my "story line", every once in a while, we would gather at a friend's house for dinner and games. Miss L and Mr Q (not married yet since they are still very young) would prepare a dinner feast for like-minded gamers like me or even you if you're ever invited to join our guild.
Food usually varies but never short of carbos which usually comes in the form of potatoes. Whipped or whole depending on the chef's mood of the day.
Gamers need their carbos if not they wouldn't even last a second in a intense team fight!
If carbo give you strength then proteins gives you wings! Two whole chicken roasted with fatty skins on would do best in this case. 
I can always spare a stomach or two for home-made desserts. Miss L made them whole and all. Pretty darn good I have to say. Chocolate brownies with ice creams anyone? If not then more for me!
On a separate occasion, Miss L decided to make a dozen or so cupcakes. Cookie Monster would be glad to eat his own kind if he ever sees this! 
It was as she couldn't get enough of Jia Jia and Kai Kai, she actually made panda cupcakes too. I think she's fit to be the Pambassador which I seriously think she could seriously considering taking care of pandas for a living! 
I just couldn't resist taking this photo of the chicken in the making or I should say, chicken sitting in the oven. Isn't it sexy or what? 

When gamers are done with their meals, it's back to gaming again and I can't wait for another round, just pondering when will we have another night of games...

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