Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Seki Japanese Restaurant & Bar: The 1 for 1 Japanese set lunch

When I came to know about the contemporary Japanese restaurant and their 1 for 1 lunch set menu, I just couldn't resist the value for money fine-dining luncheon with price ranging from $19.90 with the unassuming vegetarian set to $39.90 with grilled fish, sashimi and udon sets. Don't you think it's a great deal too? I mean you get to dine at a posh restaurant with a lunch partner to spare and above all, sharing the food at the price of one. That's how I define value for money.
I kinda like the contemporary interior with sleek with furbish furniture. Forget about sitting by the counter watching the itamae preparing your meals. It was equally interesting watching from the reflective pillars too.
I love mackerel and nothing beats a piece of saba lightly salted with salt then grilled over charcoal. It's delectable if not surprisingly sweet. At a price of $29.90, the set comes with three good slabs of salmon sashimis, a bowl of miso soup, rice and salad and you end off the meal with two slices of sweet watermelons. 
My lunch partner aka the girlfriend had the mood for noodles that afternoon and the Tempura Udon & Futomaki Set ($39.90) caught her interest. Nothing really fanciful to be honest. Just buckwheat noodles in a soy based broth accompanied by handroll sushi, a few pieces of tempura and a little salad here sliced watermelons there. Did she enjoy her meal? She sure did! And that was all it matters.
Seki's rendition of the steamed egg which we call Chawanmushi ($6.00) was not the typical cuppas you find along the street. I think they added something but I just couldn't decipher what's was just in it. All I found was a ginkgo nut and strands of crab meat. Until then, it's one of those mystery that never fails to intrigues even for a foodie like me. 

Lunch at Seki was made terrific with approachable staffs taking their time to explain the menu and my cup of green tea never seem to go half filled. I was really caught by surprised when the manger handled us a $20 voucher upon our exit. I never expect superb service but good service always leaves a good impression. 

With a voucher in hand, let's see when am I free to head down again...

Seki Japanese Restaurant & Bar
Rendezvous Gallery #01-02
9 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559
Tel: +65 6336 3806/ 6336 3807

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