Saturday, 8 September 2012

House Dempsey: Magic of the vintage tea party

Every Thursday and Friday afternoons, a special kind of magic unfolds at an old military barrack. Up a hill and down the steps. House Dempsey is the place. Vintage is the theme, tea party is the game. Everywhere you see girls in poker dots dress and guys in stylish hair. From families and friends to tai tai wannabes, everyone is part of the activity. It's so vintage just like my girlfriend's fashion taste. So fill your cup to the brim and let the magic of tea begins!
The sandwiches were great but the cakes, just mediocre, still fit for consumption given the affordable rates ($25++). Everything went out fast, just like those Vietnamese Rice Rolls. They were replaced for all I know. Disappointing I have to say but at least the Spring Rolls work their way. Everything was great just apart from sipping hot spicy ginger tea. I heard there's blended tea served but I guess the crowd does get sip them first if you're late.

It was a buffet with a spread and a tea party that makes the Mad Hatter go zippy and glad. So what are you waiting for? Drive up the hill or take the free shuttle bus if you know where to go. The magic of the tea party, only at the House at Dempsey Hill up there. By the way, reservations are definitely recommended or your face will express a grin with envy wishing you did in the first place.

8D Dempsey Road 
Singapore 249672
Tel: +65 6475 7787


  1. oh wow!! nice tea session!! =`)

    1. Yup. It was superbly fancy to sip tea up the hill and enjoy the view.


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