Thursday, 6 September 2012

Flor Patisserie II: Best Mille-Feuille in Singapore

Outings with this high tea partner of mine are almost never an easy task. If I could use a phrase to label the process of searching high and low in the name of good food, it would be like a short long walk in the park. If we are talking about steep hilly slopes of Duxton and Ann Siang roads, it means climbing up and down hills in heels and leather shoes (I hardly wear sneakers if you didn't know). But it's good exercise since I'm always caught eating sugary if not fattening stuffs so there's no complaining from me.

So anyway after walking away feeling gratified from our sumptuous afternoon brunch, the timing couldn't be more perfect for afternoon tea. We searched high and low, crossed a street and back again but she just couldn't take her eyes off those wonderlust cakes from Flor Patisserie. It's been a long time since my first visit to the patisserie and I just wonder are their desserts still that good? 

I decided to put their best seller Napoleon ($6.95) to the test and I have to say, this was the best mille-feuille I ever had. I can't find a single word in my ever expanding dictionary to describe every spoonful of strawberry joy. But it was a real disaster enjoying the cake just as the real Napoleon faced when he learnt of his exile to Saint Helena. Everything just crumble under the weight of the mighty scoop but apart from that, it's as good as any established patisserie has to offer but I should say even better.
My tea partner went for the cake in white which was known to us as Fromage Blanc ($6.60). A banana and chocolate based mousse dessert housed above coconut dacquoise base. It was light. It was wonderful and she enjoyed every single bit of it. 

Patisseries like Flor are the trend these days. Everyone wants to enjoy a piece of the Parisian life and what's more if you know that they are made by a Japanese Chef behind the kitchen. I was particularly disappointed when they start apply the dreaded 7% GST on their creations but well, I still find their them affordable and pretty darn good...

2 Duxton Hill #01-01 Singapore 089588
Tel: +65 6223 8628


  1. its all deserts in the recent posts ! totally suits ur blog title haha

    1. Thanks!have been on a dessert trail these days.


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