Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant's traditional baked mooncakes

Talk about the legendary first generation Cantonese restaurant and I will think of the elongated box of traditional baked mooncakes. Dragon Phoenix Resturant is one of those places that I will never fails to disappoint me. I shall not proclaim them as the best traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore but I can profess of their quality and consistency if not I wouldn't be buying a box on a yearly basis.
Just when you think mooncakes are often best when they're just out of the oven, Dragon Phoenix rendition of the Chinese pasties are carefully aged which they claim that their freshly baked mooncakes are stored facing down, allowing the crust to absorb oil from the lotus paste that is fused with aroma from the egg yolks. Giving a melt-in-your mouth gastronomic experience. 

I'm not sure about the gastronomic experience is the actual reason why their mooncakes fare better than other places but what I really love would have to be their smooth lotus paste and thin crust. It's almost like bread and butter which go hand in hand. You can't have too much of either ingredient or too less of any one. That applies to the amount of almonds nuts that goes into one mooncake too!
"Every mooncake is skillfully hand-crafted, as we believe traditional culinary arts can never be totally replaced by technologies, at times, things just have to be done the old ways!" 

If you're a fan of good old school mooncakes, maybe it's time to give Dragon Phoenix Restaurant a try. 

Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore (Liang Court) #06-00
177A River Valley Road, Singapore 179031
Tel: +65 6339 3368

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