Saturday, 8 September 2012

The feeling of love and everything about you

Our first month anniversary and the poem below is just for you.

It keeps us whole but we always ask for more.
It never keeps us full for the limit is sky blue.
I wish never a day without you and everyday with you.
Though I know it's not possible given our busy schedules...

This is love and you will believe when I whisper to you.
Those three holy words that goes "I love you."
By the way, I never feel tired of hearing them when you utter in your sweet girly voice...

A love so pure, we make most if not everyone envy but all in vain.
We find contentment in one another while they lust for looks and games.
How can they know? Such feeling is no game?
Pity those lost souls and I hope we do not be like them.

I look on as I wonder and I wonder as I look on.
If this is happiness then I must have found them in you...

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