Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pine Garden's Cake: Old school bakery meets alcoholic cakes

Just beside Next Door Deli is another hidden gem only this time, it takes the form of an old school bakery shop. I have this impression that this bakery shop has been around for the longest of time. Don't go away thinking that as a self-professed foodie, I would have heard of Pine Garden somewhere before since I only got to know this shop the same day my lecturer invited me for lunch. Food bloggers aren't geniuses that knows everything you know? 

Perhaps it's the feel I get looking at the entire design of the shop. Just old school. Just only...
It's really hard to find a really good slice of cake well under six bucks these days. You can't point fingers at the owners of patisseries for jacking the price unless you want them to close down for good. So whenever I stumble upon a bakery shop/patisserie like Pine Garden and take a quick look at their price tag, I would be baffled as to how could they even do it? Are they even making profit or breaking even given the fact that each slice cost no more than four bucks? 

But in reality, there are places like Pine Garden where prices are kept as low as they can while still enough to make a profit. 
Like I mention, Pine Garden is a bakery shop which meant that there's no tables and chairs unless you are bringing a box to the deli next door. Don't just walk in and start gorging even though the owner of the cafe is the same as the owner of the bakery shop. As a rule of thumb, always ask for permission first. Afterall, it's always a strict no outside food and drinks policy most if not all cafes abide to but I guess it's fine if you had your lunch over at the deli and then decides to stroll in a few minutes later with a box of cakes. 

I don't know how my lecturer does it but she just grab and go as if she knows what's the best. I think she frequents the shop for cakes and eats it on the go but I would have took my own sweet time enjoying the aromatic breeze from the cold fridge counter.

Five alcoholic cakes shared over five people. Each having a certain preference over another, if not overlapping preferences for some cakes as in the case of the Blackforest with soaked cherries bits in between the layers of chocolate sponges. Nuttymisu was another good catch combining the traditional Italian recipe with almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia and walnuts. Bailey's Chocolate Crunch was not bad though after trying so many different ones, the alcoholic taste just taste too plain so just grab one or two and savour each slice one at a time. Afterall, what's the rush? It's not like your boss is after you right? 
Green Apple Vera Martini Cake was a slight disappointment with comments like it tasted like slurping green apple bubble tea from a few of us. I can't help but to agree with the crowd. It's just that it's bad but I believe there are better ones compared to this green one.
But none needs to be said about Pine Garden's Lychee Martini Cake. It's their best seller and how I wish I could get my lecturer and friends to look somewhere while I gobble up the cake in a flare. When they turn their heads back, they will see nothing but a gratified boy smiling and smacking his messy lips. But that's just rude, impolite and above all, all good things should be shared

I guess I have to wait for another visit just to do what I've just said...

Please don't go away thinking there's only alcoholic cakes in there. I saw mooncakes and old school cream cakes for sales too. It's still an old school bakery that met alcohol during the good old days.

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Block 529 #01-2329
Tel: +65 6459 5507 / +65 6456 3552


  1. Their crispy skin yam paste mooncake is very shiok!

    1. I saw carts of mooncakes for display and I wonder how great were they. Thanks for the sharing. Will check them out soon!


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