Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sun Japanese Dining: The Sashimi lunch groupon experience

I'm sure anyone one out there reading this blog would to a certain extend, used or heard of groupon. It's one of those things on the internet that makes the older generation doubtful about such too good to be true deals. At least that's how my parents react whenever I key in my credit card number on the internet. I have to confess though, while it makes the dining at a posh place more affordable, there are instances where I have bad if not terrible time using them and reading online articles against the use of such deals just emboldens my thoughts about using them.

But amidst those bad ones, there's always better if not unforgettable ones to mediate the use of deals and one of those good experience I'm talking about was found at Sun Japanese Dining, Chijmes. It all begin when one of us started asking around if anyone would be interested to try the $20 for $40 worth of sashimi deal at Sun Japanese Dining. Being the ever gluttonous me, knowing but not attending was just too hard to resist and a reservation for nine was in place.
Good quality sashimis are usually not associated with the word, affordable. They just don't go hand in hand or at least I think they don't just like the Scallop Sashimi. Expensive but delectable if not wonderfully plated on crushed ice.
While we plan what could we order that is within the range of 40 bucks, three smart alec (including me) decided with to get an array of raw fish for $42 (Five kinds if you insist on knowing). Wise choice I have to confess. Every piece I took just made me wish my wallet could spare for more. No, I am serious about it. It is really fresh and terrific, particularly the red cuts (Tuna). You just don't find good ones in Singapore these days. Maybe because of the price, perhaps?
Ever since I started food blogging, I found myself using the word, best excessively. True enough, best is subjective to the individual's taste. Some of you out there would even doubt if best is a good enough description associated with food since there's always something out there better. To me, if there's something that I tried and it taste nothing like before, in fact better, then it deserves the me lavishing my attention on it.

I tried many raw shrimps in Singapore and none of them could rival the ones prepared at Sun Japanese Dining. For me, my search for some of the best sashimi in Singapore might just end with the Ebi Sashimi with the Sun. They were great if not the best ones I had in my life.
Being the gluttonous people we always have been, we just can't resist helping ourselves with their menu even though it might just mean one month of mixed rice lunch at the local coffeeshop. Their California Rolls were nothing amazing compared to their sashimis, just a few rolls of rice with avocados, cucumbers and what else green.
As always while waiting for our food to arrive, we just can't help ourselves taking photos together. In this case, making fun of couples. Just look at Mr Q's sian face. It's priceless!!!
Like I always say. It's not about what you eat that really matters. It's all about spending quality time together with like-minded friends, giving each other time to know and understand each other. But if it's me, it's just one of those moments you start gossiping about friends! I sort of realised that our  clique increases in number ever since the first one we had together. Well, I have no complains since food always has this special effect bonding people together. I just look forward for more friends and more meals!

Overall, if you're searching for top notch japanese foodfare, Sun Japanese Dining at Chijmes might be a place to consider. That is if you're willing to pay for the hefty bill behind it. I was just thankful that we used groupons this time and service was definitely worth commending since our cups were almost always filled while the staffs took time to explain and take down our orders.
As always, we will somehow make our way down to Tom's Palette for ice creams. It's like a must-go ritual thingy we do to end of the session and I asked myself this question as I end of this post.

"When is our next course outing? I can't wait for another round of fun, joy and laughter!"

Sun Japanese Dining
Chijmes #02-01
30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996
Tel: +65 6336 3166
Website: http://www.sundining.com.sg/sun-dining-chijmes.html

Tom's Palette
Shaw Leisure Gallery #01-25
100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702
Tel: +65 6296 5239/ +65 9070 7701
Website: http://www.tomspalette.com.sg/index.html

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