Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Katsuya: Awesome Tonkatsu found!

It's always a pleasure taking a stroll along East Coast Road. I'm just amazed by the array of cafes and restaurants there are. Whether is it DYI-style Korean BBQ you're relishing or the infamous Katong laksa war as we Singaporeans know it. (Personally, I think 328 Katong Laksa is still the best, hands down winner and screw you for thinking otherwise!) Chances are, you will find something you crave for along that stretch of road. 

For me, it's the discovery of Katsuya, or what I thought and still think as some of the best place for tonkatsu in Singapore. Think of tonkatsu as your typical pork cutlet from a western stall at the local coffeeshop, just juicer, more tender and a whole lot crispier!
Looking through the laminated glossy menu was as usual, a pain in the neck due to the desire to try everything, especially I tired their Rosu Katsu ($12.80). Such is the perfection of I see in their kurobuta pork loin. Maybe it's because it's fried using sunflower oil, making this tonkatsu lighter, more flavourful and of course, healthier. Another pleasure worth sharing would surely have to be their Tonjiru Miso ($2.00). All I wish was another bowl after sipping everything in one go! 
Ebi Fry Soba ($11.50) came with two huge shrimps and a heap of buckwheat noodles, all soaked in a salty sweet soy broth. For me, I still prefer fried pork to fried shrimps but that's just personal preference.

Dining at Katsuya has prompt me to wonder is there another place that does deep frying red meat better than them? There's sure to be one or a few. Maybe it's time to search for the best tonkatsu in town for me! 

"Katsuya believes that people "eat to live" therefore keeping a healthy body is important. Nevertheless, satisfying our palate should not be neglect." *LIKED!*
85 East Coast Road, #01-01
Singapore 428787
Opening Hours: 11.00am to 3.00pm, 6.00pm to 10.00pm

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