Sunday, 12 August 2012

Kith Cafe: Definition of a good brunch

Often I am ask, what is the definition of a good brunch session...

Is there some special formula? Maybe the cuppa of your choice over your comfort food? How about having a few magazines to read while you wait for your food? What about utilizing the time catching up with friends? Well, I was about to find out and experienced it myself over at the newly opened Park Mall.

"Kith Cafe at Park Mall? I thought Kith's located along the riverside of Robertson Quay?" 

Well, Friends of Kith would be happy to know that they have set up a second branch at the more accessible part of Singapore and if you didn't know where is Park Mall like many of my friends always asked of me, it's the building opposite Plaza Singapura, pretty visible I have to say...

Greeted by a lady whose smile as gleaming as the Sun, who later lead us to our table for two with menu served promptly after our seating and I thought to myself "Wow! What a great way to start our brunch pig-out session!" It's definitely a bonus if staffs are friendly and approachable, paves a good impression on diners to return once more.

If weren't for the hot and humid afternoon, I would have taken the al fresco seats, observing the scenic view of Dhoby Ghaut. Maybe if we came earlier, we could enjoy the morning Sun too! 
Feeling bored while waiting for your food to arrive? How about grabbing a few magazines off the shelves located conveniently behind the seats? If nothing really fancy you, how about giving your undivided attention to your partner, gossiping about the next-in fashion or better yet; sharing your own little secret and I ain't telling you! Not here at least.
In my free time, besides high tea and blogging, the other thing I love to do is trying out locally brewed coffee, particularly Cappuccino ($4.00). To me, it's one of those few cuppas that truly makes a cafe worth re-trying and I am extremely satisfied to sip my wonderfully crafted artwork without even feeling urge to destroy the frothy surface by stirring in a few packets of sugar. Clearly, a testimony that you don't always need sugar to sweeten your coffee, provided it's well brewed.

It's self-explanatory to see what is 2 piece Toast + 2 Eggs ($8.00). Until I have to make decisions about the type of bread I prefer (Multigrain/ Sourdough/ White Brioche/ Spelt) and then choosing the preferred cooking style of my eggs (Poached/ Scrambled/ Sunny Side Up/ Over Easy). Never an easy task. I just wished I could have all instead but I couldn't...

The Multigrains were great with what I think it's strawberry jam and as for the poached eggs, it just tasted ordinary. If only there's a gracious amount of rich and buttery hollandaise sauce to go with the pair...
Big Breakfast ($15.50) was not just big but it's also extremely filling. my partner had a hard time finishing her plate full of food! Everything was great, particularly the smoked bratwurst and the sauteed mushrooms but it would have been perfected if there were hollandaise drizzled over those poached eggs. Maybe we should have opt for scrambled or sunny side up instead?

We walked out a few hours later feeling satisfied if not gratified for our brunch session. It is really comforting to experience the hustle and bustle housed within this cafe which doesn't come in a bundle just like your day to day school/work life. I felt relaxed right from the moment I stepped in, greeted by warm smiles of staffs who could have serve us in a jiffy, enjoying good food, good drink and good company and last but not least, fairly easy on my wallet too, given that I always eat out. Sounds too good to be true? Why don't you experience it yourself?

I think I saw their dessert menu along the boards of the walls and cakes housed along the glass counter. I think I might just walk in again someday to give them a try. Until then, Kith Cafe at Park Mall will be my definition of a good brunch.

Park Mall #01-01E
9 Penang Road, Singapore 838459
Tel: +65 6338 8611

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