Monday, 27 August 2012

Mei Heong Yuen Desserts (味香园甜品): Savouring love one visit at a time...

Cluttered along the hustle and bustle of Chinatown lies a dessert shop whose name is or has been synonymous with towering colourful snow ice desserts. I would have never known of Mei Heong Yuen's existence if ZX didn't bring me to this old school dessert shop that's always packed be it rain or shine, day or night. Trust me, we visited the shop almost every week after our first trip and we always have a hard time finding a table just to enjoy their desserts. 

Being a foodie who is always fascinated about food, I did a little research about snow ice desserts and after hours of filtering, I found out that it's a dessert originated from the streets of Taiwan where ice blocks of milk and your preferred coloured flavourings then shaved using a specialised ice shaver machine. Due to copyright sake and a huge amount of laziness, for a bit more information about the texture and sensation of eating one, feel free to visit Makansutra's review of another snow ice shop here.

I vividly remembered asking for ZX recommendations since she has savoured a few times before and without a second to spare, she pointed at the Almond & Sesame Snow Ice ($6.00) citing it as the second best snow ice she had among the rest. Our dessert came only after footing the bill first as the shop's customary rules. Yin & yang was the first thing that conjure up when the heap of ice appeared right in front of me. Intriguing I have to say...

But unlike the Taoist concept, I prefer eating each side of the ice mountain separately simply because you won't be able to savour both the sweetness of the white almond from the richness of the black sesame at the same time. Sad to say they just don't go hand in hand that well but nevertheless, one of the popular if not favourite ones enjoyed by the crowd.
 This was crafted on our second visit and who is complaining desserts can't be a form of art? 
If almond and sesame was the second best, that's because Mango Snow Ice ($5.00) has rightfully earn his place in ZX's heart and I'm kinda jealous that there's a dessert sweeter than Yours Truly... I guess there's always one mountain taller than the other (一山还比一山高). I'm also guessing this is another house favourite since I'm always surrounded by the yellow mountains around our table. 
At times, eating icy desserts at a shop which resembles a freezer can be unbearably freezing cold, then how about opting their hot ones instead? The Teochew Orh Nee ($3.00) was a thick purple yam paste with a diced pumpkins and the must have ginko nuts. Although a decent one, I can't help but to feel disappointed that they left out the lard in the making of this traditional dessert. As unhealthy and disgusting it might be, lard is what gives orh nee the distinct fragrance and luscious shiny glow.    
Health conscious dessert lovers would be glad to know their 糊 or paste are made healthier with less or no sugar added. I like to think of their Black Sesame Pasta ($3.00) as one of the better ones I had in Singapore for its thick paste-like consistency and rich black sesame taste with each mouth. I've yet to try their almond or peanut paste but I don't think they should be that bad.
There's also other specialty like their steamed carrot cakes and pasties which I have yet to try but based on ZX experience, I think they're worth trying especially when there's a bunch of friends joining in the name of sharing and enjoying good desserts.

For me and my beloved girlfriend, Mei Heong Yuen will always be a special place for us. A place where we got to know each other better as acquaintances, friends and above all, a loving relationship.

Until the end of time, it's always savouring love one visit at a time...

63-67 Temple Street, Singapore 058611
Tel: +65 6221 1156


  1. they own the peanut farmer brand!

    1. Yup. It's all over the front doors of the shop. Though I never tried their peanuts yet...


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