Friday, 10 August 2012

What happens when you're friend zoned

Ever wonder what happens when your secret but not so secret crush friend zone you? Well, it happened to me quite recently and I suppose that's one of life greatest challenge: How to cope with it and how to do you wanna hustle and tussle with a hole in your heart? Well there's three things you could do:

1. Binge on all things sweet, glupping down copious amount of hard liquor, numbing yourself with "pain" that you wish would disappear like dragging files to the recycle bin and empty those sorrows away.

2. Exclude yourself from the world and lead a life of celibacy. 

3. Compressing yourself to the point you're depressed?

Don't you think these coping methods sound horrific? I think they do. Firstly, I never believe in gorging myself in all things sweet when I'm upset. In fact, it's the opposite; the happier I am, the more I will eat! So when you see me overeating, chances are I'm either happy or happier if not happiest. I love to drink, especially if we're talking about my favorite Lychee martini but drinking almost always develops a huge hole in your pocket and being me, I rather invest my savings in sweet desserts and savory pastries which are far more cheaper to binge on!

Secondly, I did consider being single for life but after dining by myself a few times, I realized how much I love to talk if not gossip and being single ain't the path I really want. It also means I will never exclude myself from the world which I see many of people around me does in order to get attention. I mean come on! If you want attention, why don't you ask for it? If you're polite, I think you will get all the attention you want from those who care right? 

Lastly, I always wonder why my friends love to ask me why am I always so happy? I really have no answer to that question but I always believe in seeking happiness as our NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IN LIFE. You can disagree with my previous statement for all I care and seek a life of poverty if you want. I rather waste my time seeking happiness than spending time lamenting about sadness. 

Being friend zoned isn't the end of the world. It doesn't mean you cease all communication with that person. I think that is being childish. I like to think I'm 30, married with two kids even though I'm still 19 as of the date of this post. We can still be friends, going out once in a while to enjoy life like a boss/lady boss, sharing gossips and bitching about life to one another. 

I have many wonderful memories with this person and many post written just for her. I can remove all of them from this blog but how can we erase memories just like that? Aren't we cheating ourselves? So I shall leave it as it is and find another source of happiness which I think I just found it. After all, even the most beautiful woman is nothing but a mere indifference to my eyes but tall cakes and savory pastries, they are my weakness...

Having said all these "words of enlightenment", I still pray that one day she will find her own happiness, leading a life nothing short of it. As for me?

Delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desire of your heart. -Psalm 37:4


  1. Chill, take it easy man!...

  2. Thanks man! hahaha! I'm taking it super easy if not I wouldn't post this up :)


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