Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cafe Cartel II: It's who you're eating with that really counts

Sometimes, it isn't what you eat that is important. Rather it's who you're eating with that really counts. As a foodie scouring the face of this island in search of food that's worth clotting your arteries, I have to confess that not every dish I tried is awesomely fantastic. Sometimes, my noodles would be too soggy or overcooked, sometimes, my dish ain't well plated or worst, being served by rude staffs which is unforgivable. Trust me, it's just a fine line between a good or a bad dining experience and whether is it worth coming back for more.

Where they are bad ones, the only memory worth reminding is really who you're dining with...

My girlfriend and I wanted somewhere to have our typical late night desserts but yet at the same time, we weren't willing to spend a bomb since we were pretty much broke after a series of cafe-hopping and hilarious gastronomic adventures. I suggested Cafe Cartel since it's 50% off their desserts menu after 9pm.

She skimmed through the menu and found the Lover Fantasy ($7.75) which was a huge glass bowl containing four scoops of baby pink (strawberry) and snow white (vanilla) ice creams then laced in fruits of all sorts then topped off with a dollop of whipped cream and a bright red cherry. While we suspected the ice creams to be your typical magnolia off the supermarket shelves which meant I could prepare the same dish at my home kitchen, perhaps I would even be more generous with my toppings too, I was just glad sharing this fantasy with each other.
You describe to me about your mother's friend's son who is a self-profess baker while complaining to about Cafe Cartel's Strawberry Cheesecake ($3.20) which is all cheese and no or little strawberry. I have to agree that this isn't the best I tried in years but just listening to you makes this piece of cheesy cake worth ordering. Not because, it is a really good piece but because I got to know you even more. Now that I know you love Strawberry Cheesecake, maybe I could bring you to cafes that has even better ones?

It's never about the food. It's always about the person sitting opposite. Between me and my girlfriend, we prefer sitting side by side. You know, all the more to see each other's blissful smile?

PS: Do note that the prices shown in this post is half the price of the original prices and for my previous late night dessert supper, click here.

Plaza Singapura #01-32/33/35
68 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6336 2682

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