Saturday, 25 August 2012

Island Creamery: The must go local ice cream parlour

I sort of realised that there are some places that are more popular compared to others even though they might be baking/churning/whipping/cooking the same thing. When the conversations turns to good ice creams in Singapore, chances are the words Island Creamery would be uttered and I would be amazed by how most of not all of them describe about the local ice cream parlour. It's as though to me, like they're derived of their comfort food for centuries, living in some sort of trance or fantasy and wishing that they could instantly teleport back all in the name to savour really good ice creams!   

Although I'm not a really huge fan of ice creams, preferring the healthier alternative of gelatos ever since my first encounter of what is in my opinion, really good gelatos but as a food blogger scouring every streets and hidden corners in search of all good things, I just felt the need to share this wonderful place to you which I'm doing now, so you could try it yourself someday.

Always my wonderful partner and girlfriend, ZX accompanied me to their outlet at Serene Centre which looks like a 1900s American restaurant with rosey red walls filled with photos of past diners sharing their own experiences at the parlour, signboard menu fully loaded with huge words, price tags and pictures above the metal counter with tables and chair imprinted with their brand messily dumped everywhere. Pretty chaotic especially when everyone was blabbering at the top of their voice but that's the way things are at Island Creamery. A homely kinda feel I have to say.

We took our own sweet time, tasting each flavour, seeking each other's opinion and sometimes, assurance that it's not weird seeing teh tarik, pineapple tart, pulut hitam or even tiger sorbet ones and not a single tub of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ones in sight since the folks behind the counter thinks these are boring ones. Opting them out might be a bad decision but who really cares if you can create other flavours which are worth trying right? 

ZX walked back to our unattended table, eager to finish off her bowl of double scoop which were already melting along the way. Mango Sorbet was really sweet which sort of reminded me of those honey mango I enjoyed back in my childhood days only this time, iced. Milo Ping Bong Balls, as ZX described: "The marshmallows which are known as ping bong balls just melts in your mouth. The sensation is indescribable as though your secret crush just confessed to you!"   

I like to think as ZX being lunatic or something about her description since it's just milo plus marshmallows but I'm guessing it's her favourite so naturally she would be more liberal with her words? 
Pink is my favourite colour and I just can't resisting seeking a scoop of their Strawberry Sorbet with bits of strawberries incorporated in it was just a delight. Although Coconut Swirl was not ZX's favourite, it sure was mine! It's as though I can't stop scooping it once I started it. Highly addictive flavour I have to say... 
It was a wonderful time having ice creams at Island Creamery, a really good excuse to step into the cool shop to escape the blazing Sun outside. I also realised that the outlet at Serene Centre seems to me like a magnet for students to chill and relax after a day of school work. Not exactly a good place to bring your date-to-be if your intention expands more than just having ice creams...

Besides unexpectedly good steaks, now we know where's the must go local ice cream parlour in town. For me, I just wished they opened an outlet somewhere in the east. It's not exactly a short trip from Tampines to Bukit Timah you know?

Serene Centre #01-03
10 Jalan Serene, Singapore 258748
Tel: +65 6468-8859


  1. I like their Pulut Hitam and Mud Pie. Shiok great relief for the scorching weather

    1. I heard it's one of their signatures. Think will try it the next time! Totally agree with u about the scorching weather!


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