Saturday, 4 August 2012

Thai Express: My definition of good Chendol

Photo by ZX.

As westernised as I am, there's always a side of me looking for old school desserts. Pulut hitam, ondeh ondeh, ching teng just to name a few but the most revered of all has got to be chendol. It's really a simple dessert if you wanna talk about the ingredients that goes into the dessert. Ice shavings, jackfruit, red ruby, red beans, sweet corns, coconut milk, gula meleka and let's not forget those green strips rice flour which is what define chendol as chendol. 

I tired many local chendols but sadly none were even comparable to those across the bridge and much less beyond. Simply because almost everything that goes into our local ones often comes out from a metal can and all these processed ingredients aren't making your dessert better especially if it's made by inexperienced individual. Chendol ain't your healthy choice of dessert either so if I wanna have one, it's has to be worth clotting those arteries or else it's a firm NO.

I gave up on local ones, seeking only what I thought were the best on the other side of the bridge (Malaysia, especially Malacca.) but good things are hard to come by especially when it requires your passport to be scanned and stamped. 

Although Thai Express's rendition is still no where near the standards of those street side ones you find in Malacca, it is still one of the better ones I slurped/stirred/digged in Singapore but it's definitely my definition of good chendol. It's even more tempting to grab one after reading the description of the menu:

"Fragrant jackfruit slices, colorful strains of chendol and chewy flour bits in a sea of rich coconut milk and traditional Thai palm sugar."

I might not be a fan of Thai food but for the a good bowl cup of chendol, I wouldn't mind having tom yum or green curry for dinner or better yet. Just order my dessert and enjoy the time spent which I always do, either alone or in this case, with ZX.

PS: It was her first time and she fell in love with it instantly.

Northpoint #02-55/56/57
930 Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore 769098
Tel: +65 6555 9112

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