Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie: My No. 1 favorite patisserie

Mention Canele and I can spend conversations after conversations relieving all those bitter happysweet memories I had licking chantilly cream off my fork, nipping colourful meringues and munching macarons the Parisian way! I wouldn't mind declaring Canele as my No. 1 favorite patisserie after all those wonderful dessert experiences! 

It's as though you can't call yourself a dessert fanatic without ever paying them a visit, grabbing something sweet off the glass panels or something better, if you know what I mean...
I just love to sneak a glance every time I walked pass the elongated glass shelf housing a series of wonderful if not splendid and sweet things in life. That was until my sweet tooth got the upper hand and before I could even contemplate reality, I grabbed my cousin quite literally, one of those high tea converts ever since she got to have tea with me to accompany me for tea.

So when I got to know she missed lunch just to come out with me, I felt kinda bad and told her to get a main course courtesy of my wallet. She skimmed through the menu and decided on a nicely bowled Carbonara ($16.00) which came with strips of bacons, parmesan cheese and a huge poached egg sitting above. It was nice twirling strands of pastas but we thought it could have been worth the money if it was creamier.
There's a reason why Canele is called a patisserie and a chocolaterie. Although I can't remember the name of this dome shaped dessert, I sure remembered working my way through all those bittersweet dark chocolate casing only to be greeted by fruity, sort of like cherries hidden within. It was like eating a blackforest cake that's frozen. Pretty interesting that is only if I would remember it's name...
Cheese and Bacon Sandwich was a no-brainer. Just your ordinary finger food you find during tea session.
Parisians love their macarons and especially those of Ladurée and Pierre Hermé which is said to churn the finest macarons in Paris if not the best in the world. I didn't quite believe in the best until a friend of mine bought a tub from Pierre Hermé for me. Nothing needs to be said about Parisian macarons. They are just freaking darn good!

Sadly, I don't live in Paris so I just have to make do with somewhere renowned for their top notch quality macarons in Singapore. Rose and salted caramel are my all time favorites so what's yours?

I wonder if there's salted egg flavor, you know Singaporean style? Wonder how would it taste like...
One can never have enough for desserts. I gestured the cousin to grabbed another cake of her choice. She went out to the counter and make some tough decisions and before I could even hassle a guess what she got, a Strawberry Shortcake ($6.50) was served. "A block of strawberry delight!" I hummed at the back of my mind. Light and delightful was the whole experience, make sweeten with sugar crystals hidden at the foundation of the cake. That's one strawberry shortcake for you to know and for me to know it's the best!
Since it's a delight for two and we have no mood for coffee, she opted for Velvet Earl Grey while I regretted picking Chamomile Flowers as it created a whole lot of mess despite sifting the liquid. Tea is refillable over at Canele and so we end up sharing one pot of Earl Grey with two. Joy of sharing. Priceless.

If good things come to those who waits then surely, good things often comes at a price. Canele isn't your typical no-frill, no GST/Service charge, simple dessert patisseries like you find along Duxton. The desserts at Canele always come with class, with a certain elegant aura enjoying them and it's clear cut to robbed your money kind of patisserie but for the best strawberry shortcake in town and the even more perfect macarons (after Ladurée and Pierre Hermé), it's definitely worth swiping the card for that wonderful if not seemlessly flawless afternoon tea session...

Canele, I will be back.

Raffles City Shopping Mall #B1-46/47
252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6334 7377
Website: http://www.canele.com.sg

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