Friday, 20 July 2012

Chums Steakhouse: Steaks in Toa Payoh

Toa Payoh has become one of those favorite place that I enjoy hanging out. The estate is literally sprawling with hawker food/cafes/restaurants only if you know where to find them since most of them are quite hidden especially if you're the type that don't travel and explore places like I do.
Who says being a food blogger means I have to lead a bunch of foodie(s) out? I could always appreciate fellow foodie sharing their experience with me and on one such expeditions, Mr Q & Miss L lead a group of us to Chums for dinner, citing their lip-smacking, irresistible and let's not to mention mouth salivating steaks that comes with free flow salad that comes with no additional cost as the main focal point. 
Of course, if bloody beef steaks doesn't sound appealing to you, there's always the poultry and seafood section to look for out for but personally, when I'm at a steak house, I just prefer having steaks than other meat but that's me...
Basically it's an eat all you can array of veggies/pasta/meat cuts/fruits to pick from. Even the dressing to go with is pretty extensive, with six to douse your greens in. I personally love the tangy taste of the French dressing. Not sure why though, maybe I just have a love for all things French
I love my greens, purples and reds...
Mushroom or Pumpkin? For those who can't endure spicy broth, just stay clear from Tom Yum. It's seriously spicy!
I'm a steak lover and so when I ordered my Black Augus Steak ($30.60), instinctively I would opt to have my steaks medium rare where the slab of beef is just seared on the outside but tender and succulent inside if not bloody red as well. If you're daring, opt rare for your steaks like the carnivorous Miss L but I just like mine, medium rare. 
If not, how about Black Pepper Steak ($25.90)? I presume my friends ordered medium rare as well? 
Lamb Racks ($29.90) was nicely plated, siting in a pool of brown sauce. I can't comment on it since I didn't try it personally but it sure got me salivating while blogging about it!
Teriyaki Chicken ($21.50) was kinda pricely considering that it was just a slab of marinated poultry with a pineapple ring sitting on it. I might order pastas if it's really good but a slab of chicken? Maybe if it's recommended by the chef then perhaps?
I love sweet and fruity cocktails just like I love sweet and fruity desserts and popping those lychee just reassured me that Lychee Martini ($10.00) will always remain my second most favourite alcholic drink with first being the tropical Singapore Sling.
Desserts came in the form of soft ice cream. They were pretty tasteless to be honest but I can't find any fault if you have toppings to play with!

All in all, I thought the beef steaks were great although they seemed rather petite when it was plated on a huge plate but was still reasonably priced especially with the salad bar. Just two of three maybe four is enough to keep your tummy filled to the brim! 

Toa Payoh Lorong 6 
Block 190 #02-516, Singapore 310190
Tel: +65 6358 2998

PS: Thanks to Mr Q & Miss L for the recommendation.

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