Saturday, 7 July 2012

2012: It's all about you, you and more you...

The end of a year usually signals the start of reflection.

A time to contemplate a year worth of deeds (good or bad), having a good rest before gearing up all ready to welcome/usher the new year. For me, I like to start mine on a half year basis and being a blogger for the longest of time, I think it's perfectly normal to type my personal reflections and thoughts down and share with you readers. 

I shall not share how kind or how evil 2012 has treated me for the last six months. I think it is evident of my rich archives. You do realized by now I do share quite a considerable amount of my personal life through this social platform even though this might just be another food blog tempting you with desserts. Neither do I wanna give thanks to my fellow friends, bloggers and readers who have been supporting me in my cause for food blogging. I think I have done too many a time to count but nevertheless, I'm always appreciative of you people and I believe you know it all to well

But I do wanna share about a person I met almost a year ago, a special someone who might have possibly changed my life in a whole new way and moreover, might be reading this very post. I shall not reveal who this person is nor do I wanna share how did I met this special one since I've already shared once 

To be honest, I've stopped counting the numbers of days. I believe love is something immeasurable, something infinite but yet to a certain extend, definite. As I once said: "To love without a single doubt." Sometimes, I asked myself. "Is there a single day that pass by without me thinking you?" Though I believe the answer would always be a no, no and more nos. You're constantly in my mind and even the simplest action is enough to trigger my thoughts about you. 

I do however find most of the time, just be amazed with everything about you, often with a hinge of gratefulness that I could still be someone participating in your life. The number of time I've encouraged you and you did the same for me. The number of time we poked fun at each other and the number of time I found myself worrying about you... 

I know you're a independent being capable of taking caring of yourself but in my eyes, you will always be a fragile soul that needs all the protection you can ever ask. Maybe it's just the meaning behind my name, Edward. An old English definition of wealthy guard. If only you knew how worrisome I could get when you don't reply my messages and fearing something bad might happen to you and sigh a huge relief when you replied back siting busyness as a reason for your absence... I know it sounds silly but I just can't help it.

It's just like how a fellow blogger puts it: "Since the day I met you, all my theories have been shot to hell. Science dictated that whatever that I was feeling during the first year we were dating was attributed to NGF, the Nerve Growth Factor, which has high levels when people first fall in love, but falls back to ordinary levels after the first year. Well, it's been seven years, Laura darling, and they haven't fallen an inch. If anything, they skyrocketed. Whenever you break into smile and look at me like I was the reason for it, I always feel like I needed to sit down before my knees give way."

Pardon me for lifting a whole paragraph for I totally agree with you. "If anything, they skyrocketed..." Just like I say, there wasn't a day that passed by without me thinking of you. Never have and possibly never will.

By now, you should realized this post isn't just intended for any special person but the special one whom I'm fond of. I dare not use the word, love as much I want to for I believe love has to be mutual. It's one of those things about you I could only guess and guess and make more guess but never certain until I hear it from you. 

I could make the same wish for all my birthdays and hope the best out of you but I can never expect anything from you. I have a deep respect for you as much as my love for you would grow. Then again, am I expecting  too much of you? Maybe it has always been my wishful thinking. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Curious as to how did this special soul changed my life? I would go as far to say without her, I fear this blog wouldn't even exist. She was the decisive factor for me to start this food blog and the rest was just a chain reaction bound to happen one after the other. Like sparking my interest in photography and ending up  with Lumix 5? The improvement if not enhancement of my English? It's all part of the package.

It's all about you, you and more you. Surely, you should know how important you're to me or else you wouldn't be my Sunshine right? 

You might think it's all talk and no action and I might not live up to my promises for you but the least I could be sure of would be to try my best to live up to my promises I've ever made for you. 

The adults are going to say "What fallacies does a 19 years old boy has about love?" Then my answer to you  would be does age equates to maturity? If so then there wouldn't be a need for the term, childish. I believe maturity comes with wisdom and experience. 

Then again, you and I are still young. We might not seen everything much less experience everything but all I want you to know is this. I'm just grateful just to know you more in person with each passing day. Although I might have stopped counting the number of days that passes by but I could hardly forget the little details about you. I will always be waiting for your reply. It might not happen today, or tomorrow or even in the near future but I will always wait, ever patiently because there ain't another thing in my life worth more than you...

It has always been about you, you and more you...

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