Saturday, 21 July 2012

Raindrop Cafe II: Our first gathering

Photos taken co-jointly with EY, ZX  & thedessertprince.

It's a you, you and me relationship. It's hilarious how three different individuals decided to come together and acknowledged one another as friends...
I guess affinity brought us together and voila! We decided to have our first official gathering at Raindrop Cafe. Official because ZX has countless meeting with her older sibling, EY before but it doesn't matter how many times we meet because we never grew tired of each other silliness. 
ZX (left) & EY (right).

When Lumix 5 meets ZX. Trust me, she can be extremely silly if she wants to. If I could show you the number of photos she took of me with Lumix 5. Nope! I'm not gonna show all of them here but just a few maybe?
See what I mean!? She always has Lumix 5 on her hand, fingers ready to spam those snapshots of unglamness! As much as I hate you (ZX), I forgive you okay!?
EY on the other hand takes better shots. Here's Yours Truly in a more refined manner. I thought it was a nice portray of me though my hair was rather messy...
Smoked Salmon Pizza ($20.00) was more than enough for three like-minded individuals to share with. A little crushed black pepper and a little tabasco sauce goes a long way to spice thing up a little. See those greens strips of leaves? I didn't know what they were called until EY told us they are called wild rockets. Being a foodie is a constant learning process. A valuable learning point taken!
The classic Fish N Chips ($15.00). To be honest, I've tried better ones but I find Raindrop rendition, less oily and therefore healthier. Nothing worth talking about if the batter and the fish was fried to such perfection.
It was a table full of food and let's not even talk about the heap of Truffles Fries ($10.00) sitting right smack in the middle but nothing could be quite satisfying as compared to Light Brown Beef Pasta ($18.00); essentially fettuccine doused in brown sauce hidden with thick strips of beef cuts. I think pastas are one thing apart from pizzas Raindrop does it wonderfully.
Peach Martini ($10.00) & Cosmopolitan ($10.00).

Cocktails are great over conversation. A pity EY couldn't drink alcoholic beverages. Best stick with strawberry scented water I guess? Yup, you didn't read wrong, water served at the cafe is lace with the sweet taste of the red petite fruit.
Personally, I prefer the Cosmopolitan to the crisp peach martini. It was more refreshing but I have better impression with Strawberry Margarita ($10.00) which was sweetest of all, just like my two lovely friends...
It was a great night having nice food/drinks/company. I just wished time could stop just for the three of us, all in the name of fun, joy and laughter. Somehow, I also remembered spending a wonderful time with a bunch of friends almost sometime ago. Another great memory forged and cast in history for reference sake...

We are each other's friends. We are each other's confidante/confidant and I foresee many happy days to come in the following years to come.  

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2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978
Tel: +65 6834 4951

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