Thursday, 5 July 2012

Saizeriya III: Toa Payoh! Make way for some Italiano pastas!

Whenever my friends request a place for pastas, instinctively I would utter the name of that Italiano ristorante, Saizeriya. They might not boost the best pastas in town but I can always be assured of comfortable if not affordable Italian dishes. So when I learn of their latest installment at Toa Payoh, I knew I just have to pay them a visit! 
I came. I saw and  I was amazed with their set lunch offer. Note that the free flow drinks and salad set is inclusive of the nett price stated accordingly. See what I mean by affordable? 
Clams anyone? I personally find their Asari Clams sitting in a shallow salty broth refreshing and sweet.
I've a soft spot for Risottos although it resembles nothing of a bowl of mee soto. As the name suggest, Bacon and Mushroom Risotto was served Piedmont style with streaks of bacons, stirred in with a reasonable amount of fungus and garnished with finely chopped parsley. I have to be honest with you, I tried better ones but who says comfort food has to be fantastic?   
I can't really remember the name of this dish but from the looks of it but it look pretty good right?
To be honest, I never had good impression with chain outlets. The food might vary from one outlet to another which may ruin good impressions and possibly sully the name of a established brand. Initially, I was hesitant when I heard Saizeriya was opening their fourth outlet but after trying the dishes personally, I think it's safe for another and another...

Toa Payoh Central, Block 190 #02-514
Tel: +65 6253 8001


  1. try their escargot. Heard is quite good

    1. Yuppie! I always make a point to have them to have them on the table especially with friends who never tried snails before :)


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