Sunday, 1 July 2012

One, two and three

One, two and three. There's three things worth a smile from me.

June was wonderful and she was nothing short of splendidness. June's no person. She's just a month in 2012. A month that brought me much joy. Discovering new placesmeeting new people and making new friends. That's one chapter worth rejoicing about.

Another thing worth talking would surely be have to be my Final Year Project. Everything is going as planned although I still wished I have a bunch of slaves to do all my work so I have more time for tea but I'm just glad to have a bunch of like-minded friends to work with. I can't wait to celebrate the end though that would meant another post worth of tenderising if not sugary sweetness food! 

Last but not least, this little food blog has seen 9180 pageviews within 30 days! I'm sincerely grateful for all my friends sharing this random food blog to their friends. If five most inspiring comments isn't enough, how about having one super EPIC friend telling you how she tempt herself to bed every night all in the name of sweet dreams. It's hilarious but comforting to hear.

The first day of July coincidentally marks the one hundred and twenty third day since February leaped. Still praying, still waiting but always hoping. I wonder why and I wonder how. 
She has a pet name. Although it's really silly how did that nickname came about. She's the best medicine I ever need; a simple encouragement from her is like miracle work. She's my beacon of hope; someone worth hoping for. She's such a charm and that's all I ever need to know.

Hence the title: One, two and three. Three things worth rejoicing and 123 additional days of praying, waiting and hoping. It's just like how the Air Supply sung the song "I Can Wait Forever" goes...

I am just thinking so much of you, there was never any doubt...

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