Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Saveur II: When French & Ice Cream meet Social Work

One hour into my French dinner and still I see that same crowd within this semi-causal bistro as I did two months ago. This "full-house" phenomenon is clearly evidence of their really affordable, nicely plated, lip-smacking if not highly relish French cuisine. Did I mention about the line of organized crowd phenomenon accumulating outside the doors as well? 

Knowing all these phenomenons all too well from past experiences, arriving five minutes before the bistro is open for dinner at 6pm was the only solution to assure my five other diners of my famous phrase: "Today we'll be having French!" 
I know it's rude to start without everyone but well, I just can't resist having a few entrees for starters. My other dining partner and I went for the Mesclun Salad With Lemon Vinaigrette And Crispy Duck ($3.90). I found my bowl of green to be subtly refreshing though my partner kept her distance from the oranges.
Their Angel Hair Pasta With Sherry Minced Pork And Sakura Ebi ($3.90) tucked in a clean white bowl with hairs of an angel woven beautifully, laced in a puree of minced meat and Sherry wine mixture and then carefully sprinkled with a heap of petite shrimps is definitely pleasing to both the eyes and the palate...

Then came le dining partners and this was what happened with Lumix 5 in their hands...
Meet one of my Final Year Project partner, Mr Diablo III. Don't be fooled by his innocent child-like smile in this photo, I'm pretty darn sure he doesn't look like this when he's gaming working hard on our project but apart from that, he's a charm...
Surely the lady on the right would agree to my statement above or else they wouldn't be wearing the same shirt by coincidence right?

Joining this dinner for the first time, my fellow readers, I want you to meet Miss Atas (lady on the left). Once again, do not be fooled by that kiddish smile. One should listen about her sea salt and olive oil spread over toasts food invention and be amazed with her temporal expression, definitely a privilege to have her.
Speaking about food inventions, anyone still remembered the Ale Cocktail from the Chiso Zanmai dinner? It's invented by Mr Japanese. Awesome guy he is...

Alright enough of the awesome people. Shall we proceed back to our French dining experience?
Being the first-timers they are, I made a few personal recommendation and someone decided to get the other beautifully woven angel hairs. Canonized as Angel Hair Pasta With Tiger Prawn And Lumpfish Caviar ($6.90), surely a crowd pleaser given the subtle omphness one will be assure off.
Served sizzling was the other crowd pleaser. Pan Fried Foie Gras With Lentil And Pickled Onion (70g/ $14.90). Almost everyone relished over the two servings of rich buttery fatty goose liver. I said almost because someone didn't enjoy fatty livers as oranges but hey, at least she gave it a try.
Although Saveur's rendition of the Confit Of Duck was not to my liking, that however should not stop me from introducing Duck Of Confit With Orange Segment And Saute Shittake ($8.90) to Mr Diablo III. I personally didn't give the Confit a second try so I shall not infer from my previous encounter.
It is my belief that all good things should be share so when I saw Miss Atas and Mr Japanese decided to share the Crispy Barramundi With Crab Potato And French Bean ($12.90), it was surely an act of good gesture between good friends. I recon it's a safe dish because my previous dining partner (He's a angler.) said so :)
I too shared the Crispy Pork Belly With 62.5 Degree Egg ($10.90) surrounded by sea of green lentils with everyone. While Mr Japanese could only be found ogling at the soft-boiled egg (He's a huge fan of eggs.), Mr Diablo III told me that of the lack of flavor from the cut of meat. I personally appreciate the slab for the juiciness of the fatty meat as well as the crispness from the seared skin.
One of my fellow partner went for the Chicken Roulade With Foie Gras Stuffings And Basmati Rice ($9.90). All of us were intrigued by the white form foam. I can't justify the taste since I never gave this a try. Perhaps another time?
Finishing our dinner was a personal favorite of mine. The Burgundy peasant dish, Beef Bourgulgnon ($13.90) was nothing short of juiciness and tenderness, particularly with the unison of red wine. If this is the type of quality they're whipping then I can't wait to savor their Wagyu Beef!

A few repetitions, few more side dishes and that dreaded GST & Service Charge accumulate to a bill of $126.70. I thought it was good deal considering the amount of food brought to our table. Mind you, we didn't just had any French cuisine but REALLY AFFORDABLE & GOOD QUALITY FRENCH CUISINE!

Just like our first course outing, nothing is complete without a trip down to Tom's Palette!
Chocolate, Malt and Cookie Dough was what the folks declare as Grandma's Favourite. A social work crowd pleaser. I personally enjoyed my fruity Lychee which Mr Japanese said the taste resembles a Lychee Cocktail. Ever tried Pop & Sizzle? It's old school with the handmade popping chocolate candies, a new found love to Mr Japanese's Rum & Raisins.

It was a night well-spent and I wonder when will be our next...

5 Puvis Street #01-04, Singapore 188584
Tel: +65 6333 3121

Tom's Palette
Shaw Leisure Gallery #01-25
100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702
Tel: +65 6296 5239/ +65 9070 7701

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