Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shokudo Japanese Coffee House

When you have friends who live all over the face of this island, that's to say north south east and west, you would want to be considerate to meet somewhere central be it for lunch meetings or high tea sessions. I mean I can't expect my friends who stays in the west and come all the way down to Tampines right?

Bugis always seemed to be that preferred central location and on one of my many food expeditions, I found my way to Shokudo which they brand themselves as a Japanese coffee house. Somehow, I never gave the cafe as much of those quick glances into its interior and be discouraged by the seemingly increasing crowd that fills the coffee house overtime. To be honest, I never really gave Shokudo much thoughts, always thinking that there are other places worth the money in my cash deprived wallet. 

All was about to change when I decided to step into the coffee house to rest my tried kneels after a few hours of shopping amidst the shophouses of Bugis Junction. Since it was still a schooling weekday afternoon, there wasn't much of a crowd to boost of. We were ushered to our round table with sofa seats, rather comfy I have to say. The ambience was characterized with a hue of soft autumnish brown that really make me questioned myself "Why didn't I came here earlier for tea?"
I skipped the lunch aspect and set my eyes on the dessert portion which I have to say was rather extensive. Oshiruko (Japanese Red Bean Paste), Mochi, Ice Creams and Waffles. It was just a hard choice for me choosing from all things sweet but in the end, I settled upon the Tofu Cheesecake ($4.80) which I have to say was my first trying it. The Cheesecake was exquisitely light and delectable coupled with the firm crumbly biscuit base, I was more than just glad having one of Shokudo's signature rendition for my first!
I have seen and own many dessert forks but I have never had my desserts with a two prong fork before...
I can always go for a cooling drink to quench that forever summer season we Singaporean always have to bare. I went for the Iced Lychee Float ($5.80), chilly and perking that's how I like love my floats to always be. 

Service was rather hesitant which what I perceived as no confidence or no experience in serving people. It didn't bring any comfort when I have to change my language from English to Chinese and back to English again because the staff couldn't apprehend the already simplified terms I was using. 

Come to think again, you can't really have bests of both world. Good service and good food are just hard to come by together these days. I don't expect world class service but a little hospitality and friendliness always set the pace of a satisfied diner returning for more!

Whatever it is, I am just glad I gave Shokudo a try and that's another good cafe for desserts covered!

Bugis Junction #01-53
200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6338 9216

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