Friday, 15 June 2012

The Tea Party Cafe: Looking for a nice place for tea?

It's no hidden secret that I love to spend my afternoons having high tea. I could sit by the window porch with a slice of cake and my favorite cup of Earl Grey just spending some quiet time by myself. I could invite my sisters over for tea and gossip like no tomorrow and if I really have the mood, perhaps a classy high tea session ought to rejuvenate one's soul?

The possibilities is endless and it's just like I always say. Everything's possible over a cup of tea. 
The partner and I are busy people and we hardly meet but between the both of us, we share a similar passion for tea and all things sweet. We might not be the best of friends but I believe our friendship goes way   beyond than sipping tea and gossiping.

When we do have the spare time to meet, it's almost always food expeditions on a whole new level that's for sure! We're very much, willing to travel and explore different parts of Singapore searching of niche cafes for tea. On one such expedition, we discovered the pretty-much deserted area within CBD area, China Square Central. There's hardly anyone on the streets but still we decided to take a stroll, looking for a good place for tea.

By coincidence, we found The Tea Party Cafe along the rows of cafes and restaurants. I probably reckon it's the name that made the decision for us rather than the really affordable, no GST & service charge food but did that matter? Of course not!
 There was an 50% discount of your second drink and we really need a cold drink after braving through the scorching Sun. I couldn't differ-shade my Iced Hazelnut Latte ($5.70) from my partner's Iced Butterscotch Latte ($2.85 after 50% discount) since the beige liquidish content looked all the same to me.
Although I won't be including their Carbonara ($8.50) into my list of best pastas since the linguine a tad too dry. Maybe I prefer my Carbonara to be bathe in a pool of creamy sauce? My partner would appreciate an additional egg yolk on her pasta.
It is my belief that all good things should always be shared. It's one reason why I even blog about my food expeditions. I'm always more than happy to share my food with someone if they're willing. That way, I can have more opinions about the same food I'm eating. Another good excuse of sharing food is it allows me to free up more cash to order more food!

Both of us decided upon the Roast Duck Pizza ($8.20) which comes as a set with a free-flow bowl of soup. At a glance, one would find red tomatoes, green capsicums and caramelized onions and melted cheese above the bread crust. We thought we were cheated when we couldn't see any meat in it. We were proven wrong when we took our first bite. All hidden within the melted cheese!
Hot soup came in two forms. It's either Chicken Soup which was hardly justified since we couldn't see any poultry meat (My partner prefer calling the broth ABC soup because of all the carrots and onions.) or the French Onion Soup which I was kinda addictive.
3 O'clock means it's time for high tea! 
We got ourselves a six layered Chocolate Truffle. The taste reminded me of those old school densey chocolaty cake although we wished our truffle wasn't too dry which led to my partner seeking happiness in rainbow cake afterwards.

The cafe might not whip out really exceptionally wonderful food but it's a nice place to chill and relax with a few friends over tea. It's just like my partner say; It's a nice place for tea... 

China Square Central, Nankin Row #01-27/28
3 Pickering Street, Singapore 048660
Tel: +65 6536 5667

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