Sunday, 17 June 2012

5 most inspiring comments about thedesserprince

If capturing all my food expedition for memory sake was one of the main reason why I started this blog, then receiving/hearing comments and feedbacks are the driving force why this blog stay updated. It's just not easy running this food blog, especially when you're a student/eldest son/lazy boy all at the same time! All my time and effort invested is far more than what the normal person could apprehend unless you're a blogger yourself!

It's sooo rejuvenating for my princely soul to know that someone out-there, friends and readers alike, showing their appreciation by telling me that they truly enjoy reading this dessertprince's blog! At least I know I'm not alone in this since reaching 10k pageviews speaks otherwise.

I have actually compiled the 5 most inspiring comments I have ever received since genesis and pen down some of my personal thoughts about these comments. Enjoy!

1. It will be quite cool to have someone who blogs about nothing but desserts.
When I first read this comment left by another food blogger, I was pondering if that's my calling. Staying true to my core as thedessertprince. In reality, that same idea would translate to my mum banning me from stepping into another patisserie just like how she filed a Personal Protection Order (BPO) against me and the oven. That's why you don't see me baking in the recent months right? 

2. I love to read your blog before I sleep...
I didn't know some of my friends enjoy reading my blog as a bedtime story. Maybe they enjoy dreaming about food like I always seem to do? Then again, won't all the photos be a huge temptation to hard to resist grabbing a chocolate bar from the fridge? 

3A. I know exactly what you mean. I share what you are feeling. The whole process of researching, planning, traveling, spotting, photography, eating, travelling back, editing, writing, posting is no joke. This "obsession" definitely takes plenty of passion to sustain. 

3B. Quite frequent, I will have the urge to go by myself too. Either 1) I have already a place in mind, but am mindful of the distance, or other factors, such as heat, noise, non-air condition environment. 2) I will just explore and walk anywhere randomly and pop by somewhere that I just have a feel on.
When I read these two comments from my post titled "The life of a blogger", My initial response was like WOW? I guess the comments speaks just how much foodies are willing to go through all in the name of our passion?

4. Your blog is always an inspiration for me...
Right at the start, I was very hesitant about starting this food blog. Partly because I never knew who in their right mind would read someone else's blog. I vividly remembered spending one whole day asking/consulting/texting almost everyone the same question. "If I ever start a food blog, would you read it?"

All of them said they would but the decisive factor would surely be having Sunshine telling me personally she would read if she could spare the time and the following day saw the genesis of my blog. (Love is a very powerful driving force.) Of course, it took me another two to three months to decide upon a proper name and I ended up with thedessertprince and the rest are history...

Every once in a while, someone would reveal to me that they've been reading my blog and they kinda enjoy reading my reviews, often inspiring them to try new stuffs, particularly French cuisines. I've even had friends/readers telling me I have the tendency to invoke some sort of life reflection in them.

I'm not boasting here but I never knew I had this "talent" to inspire people. Perhaps it's my poetic writing style? In any case, I'm just thankful to stand where I am today, never regretted losing all those sleepless nights in the name of sharing good stuffs via blogging!

5. Your blog should not be food only. Since you might be making more friends, it should also be a match making or blind date for food lovers.
I shall not revel the person who make such an epic statement but this friend of mine did have a good reason for the comment. To whom who made this comment,  if I ever set up a dating agency, I will definitely have you endorsing and be my spokeman!

Quite recently, a writer from Youth.SG dropped me an email. It was totally a surprise when I read through the contents. She suggested that I should host a lunch/high tea/dinner session once a month, inviting friends /readers/youths alike, with the same passion coming together and meeting new youths who share the same passion. Readers out there, Wanna share your thoughts about the idea?

Would you be comfortable attending such session where you meet other youths for the first time? 


  1. Hi!
    There's this soya beancurd craze going around and i was wondering if you could do a review on that. I heard that the famous soya beancurd right now is the LaoBan soya beancurd available at maxwell, old airport road and one raffles place. There are also other competitors such as 51 soya bean and QQ. I would love to read your review on it! :D

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      This tau huay craze has been around for the longest of time! I actually did blog about Lao Ban Tau Huay. You can read it here:

      I'm actually thinking of doing a guide to all the popular tau huay outlets for quite some time. Now I just need the time :) Thanks for your kind comments!

  2. The foodie sessions sound good!

    1. Yah, like-minded people meeting together over food food. I think it's awesome!


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