Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oriole Cafe and Bar

Although I often style myself as The Dessert Prince, the truth is my love for desserts is just the exposed tip of a really huge iceberg. An iceberg composed of my love for all things edible and drinkable. There's no need for me to reiterate the things I would do just to savor often what is in my opinon the best I could get my hands on and my teeth to sink in. 

Just like I'm always keeping a lookout for good places to have my pastas, I'm also always on my perpetual quest and food drinking expeditions for the best coffee too! I tried many cuppas, some are just beyond words and I just wish I could kick start every morning with such a wonderfully crafted caffeine quick fix. Wouldn't that be great? Then there are some I've tried, just couldn't steal my heart. I'm guessing they are just not my cup of coffee. No offense but it's just a matter of preference.

One such place that did manage to steal my heart and make me coming for more caffeine fix would surely have to be Oriole Cafe with their flagship store located just beside 313 Somerset. The drink's pretty universal; Long Black, Mocha, Latte or Americano. Trust me, the drinks are far from your ordinal cafes. If having award winning baristas brewing your coffee isn't enough to make you excited, then I hope the single-shot Cappuccino ($5.50) would be your saving grace.

Every whiff I take was simply liberating. I've always had the "I must be in heaven" feel whenever I try something really good but none is quite like all my experience with good cuppas. Whiffing aromatic redolence of heaven is by itself, therapeutic...

If the whiff was liberating, then tasting the coffee must surely be sanctification at its best. The drink's so pure that I didn't feel the need to foul the drink with brown or white sweeten crystals. For I know a good cuppa has little bitterness to boast of but a soothing aftertaste to all the swilling, sipping and tossing. 

I may not be a true coffee connoisseur but I do know of differ-shading a good cuppa from a not so good one and more importantly, appreciating the hard labor that went into my petite drink and the profound heart shape cast upon my milky foam.
I could always enjoy my drink alone but somehow, ever since I style myself as The Dessert Prince, I seemed to have lesser time for myself than usual. It need not necessary be a bad thing for I believe good company can always be appreciated over good food...
My lunch partner went for the set lunch offer and she got herself Spaghetti Carbonara, which was appeared to be pasta tossed in bacon and parmesan cheese. It was rich and creamy if not very salty too. My lunch partner couldn't be bothered finishing the whole plate. Not worth causing her kidneys to fail I guess? 
I graciously accepted my partner's offer to have her appetizer, Crab Meat Bruschetta which was prefectly executed but nothing really amazing in terms of taste.  
From May 14th till July 15th 2012, Oriole is actually launching their 3C's Promotion which I got to learn from another blogger. Three Cs meaning Chocolate, Coffee and Caramel. The desserts, in particular, Tiramisu was the other driving force besides good coffee to drop by Oriole Cafe. 

We gave dessert a miss for my lunch partner has severe allergy to all things alcoholic and I didn't want her to go back home and wake up the next day with rashes all over her body. That would be bad right? Besides, I could always make a trip down myself, alone or with company. The two of us ended somewhere else for desserts instead but that would be another post by itself.

The set lunch was nothing out of this world and much less good to begin with but the coffee by itself is more than enough to set my foot upon Somerset just spending time with me and my cup of coffee. I have also long heard about their famous Fish and Chips but somehow, I never gave as much attention to the fried batter of fillets and hand-cut chips but I'm sure there's always a next time, surely with a good cup of coffee with me... 

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