Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Udders: Ice cream good for the soul

Whenever I think of ice creams and I mean really good ones, the first thing I would think of would have to be udders. Not the mammary glands of a female quadruped mammal maybe say a cow but more of the Ice Cream parlor named Udders! 

Even though there's one milking outlet at Siglap Road which is nearer to Tampines and in my opinion, another foodie heaven too! But somehow, just somehow, I will find my way back to the parlor at Novena instead. Fond memories perhaps? Maybe? I don't really care. I just want my ice creams!
Over at Udders, Ice creams are categorize into 3 types. Classic, Premium and Connoisseur. Warm waffles always go well with the colder ice creams. Try it if you don't believe me.  
There's no need to deny my love for Earl Grey and I daresay Udder's rendition of the celebrated tea is easily the best ones I've ever try. Hiding behind my favorite ice cream would be the rich and intense flavors derive from your Orange Choc Bitters. A point to note though, the dark Belgian Chocolate ice cream is highly laced in orange liquer, Triple Sec. Not for the faint-hearted or easily drunk if one can get drunk from having alcoholic ice creams that is...
Don't be fooled into thinking both chocolate ice creams are the same. We have Kit Kat on the left and Awesomely Chocolate on the right. Both were distinct from one another though a few of my friends thought that the bits and pieces of kit kats within the chocolate ice cream tasted a bit stale.
Looking for something fruity? How about giving their bestselling Strawberry Field make with nothing but the freshest strawberries for a try? It's sweet, wholesome and awesome! The feelings is almost akin to having cold strawberries that melts in your mouth!
I can always do away with all that hustle and bustle and enjoy a few scoops of ice creams with friends. How about you? Have you had your udders ice creams already?

Ice cream is never sinful. In fact, it's good for the soul!

155 Thomson Road, Singapore 307608
Tel: +65 6254 6629

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