Sunday, 10 June 2012

Domino Pizza anytime, anywhere

Photos by The Professional Photographer. Words by The Dessert Prince.

When I received an invitation to attend a bloggers event about Domino Pizza from, this was the first thing that conjure up my puny mind. 

"When was the last time I had Domino Pizzas?"
I found a few vague memories with the baked dough, mostly over celebrations of someone or some date. I might not be a pizza fan but how hard could hand-toss pizza doughs and fresh ingredients go wrong? Domino's Chocolate Lava Cakes are definitely one of those sinful desserts that's worth all those calories!

Setting aside all those memories, I was definitely excited to be invited to Domino Pizza Iphone launch App event. Afterall this would be my first attending such media event and I thought it be great to have a familiar blogger to join me. I searched through my social network and managed to got the Professional Photographer's time to join me! Double the excitement yah?

I thought I would see a few other familiar faces upon reaching the event location, Singapore Flyer but I guess my social network just isn't wide enough. I hardly knew anyone. Not a single one at all. I was just thankful I have my BBF with me that evening or else it be super awkward! 

After our pizza feast, we were greeted by a few staffs from Domino Pizza who gave us a detailed presentation about the company and the 14 branches set up in Singapore. As the event name suggest, Domino had recently decided to tap on Apple App to hasten and put ease to their ordering delivery. Domino's folks gave us a step by step instruction. From downloading the app to registering. One could even keep track of the whole pizza making and delivery process. 
To reaffirm their 30 minutes delivery time, they made a call down like any customer just to proof their point. They actually arranged a ride for us while waiting for our pizzas to be delivered! Though I've been to countless rides, none is quite like the night view from the capsule when it's at the highest point.
See what I mean? The view's just breath-taking! This photo was taken by me and Lumix 5. My photography skill ain't that bad afterall right?
Shhh! The photographer and her Canon EOS 1100D doing some serious work! 
The view was great but the only spoiler would be the bright lights emitting from The Float @ Marina Bay. 
It was a short ride but for the spectacular view, I wish it was longer. In any case though, remember they ordered pizza from the App before our ride earlier? Apparently the pizza was delivered even before our touch down, under 30 minutes. I guess that's proof of 30 minutes delivery guarantee. If not they will issue a free regular pizza voucher!

I felt like a paparazzi taking snapshots with all other fellow bloggers. It takes a whole lot of courage to hold your beloved camera all in the name to take that so call perfect shot!
The event ended with all of taking a group photo and refreshment session at O'Learys Sports Bar & Grill. 
A bar full of sports memorabilia. Kinda cool if you're keen on sports. I'm only keen on all things sweet. Since it was just refreshment meaning to say only drinks, all of us were surprised when we saw this...
A table full of food! Buffet style. We had a great time to ourselves but set that aside, there's actually a competition organized by Domino for the the fellow bloggers who attended the event.
I shall let the photos do all the talking until I have more information to update all you readers.

A real thank you to the Domino and Omy for the media invite and a sincere thanks to Janet for your hospitality!

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