Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Le Chocolat Cafe: Rainbow Cake is happiness!

I vividly remembered blogging about happiness back some time ago. You can't deny it's something we all seek. All of us seek them in different things and in different ways but for my high tea partner on the other hand, happiness is Rainbow Cake.
Many may not apprehend her love of all things sweet and call her folly for having such fantasies. A good dessert goes a long way to make your day. You couldn't ask for more if you coin yourself a dessert fanatic, apart from having a few more dessert fanatic to share good desserts perhaps? 
Le Chocolat's Rainbow Cake ($7) composed of six coloured layers of really dense butter pound cakes. Holding the layers together was nothing but cream and chocolate ganache. A sight to behold that's for sure but taste wise, I have to admit it's a bit bland. If it weren't for the chocolate ganache, the whole slice would be nothing but a mere pretty cake. But if pretty Rainbow Cakes ain't to your liking, fear not for Le Chocolat has other desserts to boast of. But none will stand out the way their Rainbow Cakes.

For some, spending $7 on a Rainbow Cake is nothing but folly. For my high tea partner, this is happiness and as her high tea partner, I definitely second to that; Rainbow Cake is happiness...

The Club Hotel
28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708
Tel: +65 6808 2188


  1. sounds like case of nice to see but not nice to eat

    1. You got that right though I have to say it's still a pretty cake to ogle :)

  2. You may wish to try La Petite Patisserie Rainbow cakes.

    We are a specialized in rainbow cakes. Do check out our link for the different flavours.

    Feel free to contact us should you require any assistance.

    More flavours to be added this week. White Ivory Vanillia which would feature a white glossy glaze furnishing and Rum and rasin a purple glazy finishing.

    1. Hmphh, yea! Rainbow cakes with real flavors! Thanks for the sharing, will bookmark ur fb page.


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