Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blackbird Cafe

Photo obtained from Blackbird Cafe.

Coffee has almost become a daily necessity in my life. If I'm not having my usual Earl Grey in the morning, surely I'm thinking of coffee to end my monotonous if not ritualistic schooling days and my search of the next best place for the caffeine drink led me to Blackbird, a New Zealander styled cafe.  
It's definitely an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of Plaza Singapura, a cafe good for a lazy weekend brunch, a typical office hour lunch or if you're like me, always considering afternoon tea.
Coffee is in some way, an acquired and cultivated taste. I'm pretty sure no one is/was born to drink coffee. I will never ever forget how I embarrassed myself in an attempt to order my first cuppa without a single clue to any coffee jargon. It took me years of reading and drinking to developed this specialized knowledge and get my orders going just like any coffee connoisseur does.

I really appreciate the fact that they bothered (most cafes don't) to include a simple yet detailed description of each drink. It really helps especially if you're new to coffee and you aren't the vocal type willing to ask what's the difference between a cappuccino from a latte. Such simple gesture is what cultivates our appreciation for coffee. Don't you agree?
I found joy in taking small sips of my long black though I love my Vienna with a dash of cocoa powder above the dollop of whipped cream. Be prepared for the extra caffeine dose, for their coffee beans are prepare the New Zealander way, imparting a more intensive taste than your typical roasting methods. 
Pairing my robust Vienna was a rich and dense New York Cheesecake. That's how I love to start and end my afternoons; always with a cuppa paired with a slice of dessert...

The Luxe #01-01A
6 Handy Road, Singapore 229234
Tel: +65 6337 3448


  1. I'm in 100% agreement. Cheesecake and coffee are matches made in heaven. So is chocolate and coffee and port and coffee. :-)


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