Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jones The Grocer

Courtesy of one of my lunch partner, without whom this high tea session wouldn't be possible.

Whenever I mention Mandarin Gallery, strangely I would get that same and almost immediate response across all my cliques. 

Atas place.

Perhaps one would naturally associate the gallery with luxurious brands like MontBlanc, Emporio Armani and Marc Jacobs. It can be somewhat imitating walking down all those high end shops, peering into the glass window occasionally and ask yourself this very question as you found the price tag.

Who in their right mind would spend $X on this?

Such worldly thoughts are best left unsolved. But if and I say if, there's any reasons why I would brave through thoughts that I'm an atas boy who only dines at high end places like Mandarin Gallery, would surely have to be the hidden gems within the mall. One such hidden gem would have to be Jones The Grocer!
I make it a point to always try ending the day with something sweet which is why I'm always seen having high tea perpetually. You can say I'm excessive for all I care. All I know was I had great time knowing Strawberry Shortcake that particular afternoon. Sponge cakes and well-whipped Chantilly cream dotted with strawberries in between. Does it get any better? Of course not! I just wish I had all to myself. My heart bleeds at the thought of sharing dessert...
You like your Apple Crumble? They're crumbly that's for sure! Apparently you can't have the apple without the tarts and the tarts without the apples. They are just meant to be taken together. Trust me, they really do.

I have a few fond brunch memories with the Grocer but they always happen at their more inaccessible outlet at Dempsey Road, another atas place if you really wanna know. But for convenience sake, Mandarin Gallery ought to do the same.

Jones the Grocer is one of those place you gotta try especially if you're seeking somewhere for a lazy weekend brunch. From the sweets to the savories. There's always something for everyone! 

Mandarin Gallery #04-21-23
333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6836 6372

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