Wednesday, 13 June 2012

15 Minutes Cafe: Friends, food & fame!

The sisters (non-biological ones) and I are busy people. I hardly meet the four of them all at the same time but when we do meet up together, fun and laughter just never seem to end. It's as though we known each other for a long long time but the truth is we do know each other for a long long time! Isn't it amazing?

I introduced the girls to 15 Minutes Cafe, housed within the first level of Lasalle College of the arts and here's a description of their old school canteen concept their website:

15 Minutes is situated in Lasalle College Of The Arts – a modern building known for its iconic architecture. As the café is housed in a school, the design concept plays with the idea of an old school canteen with long communal tables and benches to encourage chatter amongst diners, friends and strangers. Styled to be raw and sleek, the café is retro-modern, chillout, and hip at the same time. No-frills architectural expression is expressed with magazine tear-outs, old-school sofas, and a variety of quirky touches...
A quick peek at their chalk board menu would seriously set myself pondering why didn't I came here earlier? The prices are in my opinion, more than reasonable for a place located in between Bugis and Dhoby Gaut. Home made thin crust pizzas below $10 and pastas of all kind under $9? If this isn't worth your money then I don't what really is then...

Since I was early and very thirsty, I decided to have a cup of Cappuccino. I just love the aroma of a good cuppa in the making. All the fumes emitting from the drink is more than assurance I'm sooo going to enjoy a quality drink while waiting for them...
Fish & Chips was two slabs of deep fried dory accompanied by cold coleslaw and cajun fries. The fish cuts were crisp on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. If only it was less salty then it would have been prefect!
If it's pasta you want, then Pomodoro Penne would be the preferred choice perhaps? You won't find any meat amidst all those evenly-coated pennes though.
If you prefer a milder one, the best option would surely be the Greek Pasta with hues of red capsicums. black olives, brown mushrooms and specks of chopped green parsley.
I just can't get enough of Cajun Fries and got ourselves a heap of hand-cut fries. It's highly addictive I have to say. Once you start you just can't get enough of the spiced coated fries.
Hot Chocolate anyone? Looks milky though...
As for me, A cup of Earl Grey is more than enough to end the day...

If you're thinking of hosting a lunch or a dinner for a crowd, how about giving this cafe a try? It's a cafe that has a nice and soothing interior design serving nothing but affordable comfort food.

15 Minutes - a place for Friends, Food & Fame!

Lasalle College of the Arts Block D, #01-01
1 McNally street, Singapore 187940
Tel: +65 6333 5915

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