Thursday, 21 June 2012

Domino Pizza Iphone App

Photo obtained from Domino Facebook page.

Ordering pizzas has never been easier with the invention of Iphone. With Domino's Pizza offering lazy individuals like me who can't be bothered dialing the hotline and then making a fool of myself when I have not the slightest clue what I'm going to order, this really is a bonus that's for sure!

The only hassle you would probably find is downloading the app...

Another good reason to download this app would surely have to be the deals found all over the app!
Just look at all the deals Domino has to offer! Surely you'll be tempted like I did while busy taking screenshots and creating this collage! 

But the benefit isn't limit to just saving a few bucks here and there. Allow me to explain:

1. NO GST & SERVICE CHARGE. (That's a plus to me!)
2. When ordering using an Iphone, you get an additional side-dish for FREE! (Means more food for me!) 
3. Every 50th Customber will receive one FREE pizza! (Pray hard that you be the 50th alright?)
4. First time orders will received one FREE lava cake! (FREE DESSERTS?! AWESOME!!!)
5. Domino's Guarantee to deliver their pizzas within 30 minutes. (Bye bye Gastritis!)
6. You can track the progress of your pizza from oven till delivery process. (Stalking your food for once?)

With so much benefits just waiting for you, how about giving Domino a chance to crash your party?  
Domino has hosted an inter-blogger competition and it's one I just can't resist not participating. 
Simply download the app from this blog.
If the pizza deals still isn't enough, how about enjoying your pizza at half the price? You got me right, it's half the price! To enjoy the offer, simply follow the screenshot shown above. As for the coupon code, Key in BLG01 and start your ordering going. 
I sincerely believe that all good things should always be shared, friends and strangers alike. So share this around on my behalf, download the app and maybe order a few really affordable pizzas with my blog code, BLG01

The contest will be on-going for the two months, ending on the 18th August 2012. If you realized, I'm already one week behind some blogger but hey, slow and steady wins the race right?

Once again, I would like to thank Domino's Pizza and OMY.SG for the media event.


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