Thursday, 4 October 2012

2012: October, last quarter of the year

It's almost October already? WOW! Time really flies when you busy with all the hustle and bustle. But I never let all the busyness in the world compromise my time for tea. If you haven't know it, I'm a huge fan of afternoon tea. It's not just about etiquette and the different pairings of tea but rather it signify a greater deal.

An afternoon devoted to relaxing. A cuppa or two at the local cafe or somewhere new over some good company and never forget something to sweeten the whole conversation. That's how I envision all my tea sessions to be. Perfect if we are talking about buffets like the ones I had here and here

Some of you out there might be thinking that I am just wasting time and money eating "good stuffs" which is gonna come out at the other end the same like that $2 chicken rice. Personally, I would like to think it as spending my own time and money on my own hobby just like what any other boy out there would waste their money on anime and games and whatsoever else. 

The first three quarter of the year really caught me by surprise. I gain many new experiences, many new friends and many other moments worth a laughter or two. I also lost quite a lot and in certain aspects, I have to confess that the damage is beyond repair. Nevertheless, I still believe that these "damage" will be repaired in time to come.

Above all these good and bad experiences, the one that never fails to amaze me would surely be my girlfriend, ZX. We have our own fair share of fights and quarrels but at the end of the day(s), we just apologize, talk things out and walk away singing Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head in public. Yup, we are freaking silly people coming together as one but that's how fate brought us together right?

About those fights? Don't worry, they weren't physical. Besides, I would lose big time since ZX has a green belt in Karate. Glup... Now that's something to be concerned right?

For the last quarter of the year, I have many things to hope and yearn for. New places to try, always making new friends as well as catching up with old friends and definitely more desserts! There are just so many things to look forward so stay tune and read them in my upcoming posts!

PS: 15k pageviews for the month of Sept! If this ain't amazing then I don't what is? 

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