Monday, 29 October 2012

Singapore Botanical Gardens: Celebration of a girlfriend's 18th birthday

It's not everyday a girl turns 18 especially that girl which you've singing, dancing, eating, studying, travelling and cafe hopping almost 24/7 of your time. So when my girlfriend, ZX turned 18 this year, I had one thing in mind: How to make it an unforgettable 18th birthday for her?

I could have easily brought her up the hill for tea or something really classy like Prime Society? Then again I thought that would be too mainstream and I want it to be something we never done before. I racked my brains and decided that we brave the Sun and have a picnic just on her special day. Picnic isn't something strange to us since we have been planning for it, coming with a really long list of to bring stuffs and walking up and down along the rows of groceries within the supermarket but between you and me, I dare say it's not so mainstream, at least ZX managed to taste my cooking skills for the first time right?

I tried to keep it a secret hoping to surprise her only on the actual day but I think after giving so many hints and frequent trips to the supermarket asking her about her comfort food, I think she sort of guess it. Girls are smart and in front of my girlfriend, I ain't good at hiding things from her... But at least it was a good 3 weeks before she guessed it so good try!
To be honest, apart from the cooking the pastas, everything I brought was either precooked or raw and you can't blame me for being lazy. As much as I want to whip out something simple from the pan or bake a few sweet treats with the oven, I have a mum who doesn't like her kitchen all messed up and dirty. Even slicing some bread and cutting some veggie is enough to make her go crazy so I have little choice but to make it simple and neat...
For starters, we have chopped sausages, cucumbers and a whole lot of cherry tomatoes to pop while plates of angel hair pasta over sundried tomato puree and stacks of honey baked ham & cheddar cheese sandwiches for a proper meal and finally ending everything on a sweeter note with makeshift eclairs from the freezer, a packet of blueberries and gingerbread man for desserts. That's all we had. The food was secondary when the person you're dining is happy.
After a hearty lunch, we decided to take a walk and explore the different parts of the garden together. Having to say that, it is by no means easy but somehow we managed to walk from one entrance to another entrance and ended up eating more over at Food For Thought which I will blog at a later time.
It's not everyday a girl turns 18 but when my girlfriend does, I make sure it's a joyous occasion that happens once in a lifetime and being me, I like to make a before, now and later kind of birthday celebration. Just how it's gonna be? Stay tune to find out!

Feel free to visit ZX's blog and read how she enjoyed her wonder if not special day.


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