Thursday, 1 November 2012

Food For Thought Cafe, Botanical Gardens

I have always been a fan of the huge portion and made affordable menu served up at Food For Thought. Food For Thought is almost always the first place I'll consider whether it's an elaborate all day brunch affair or a drink and a few sides to go with some personal quiet time. It's always on my mind even though I would end up trying some other cafes. 

So anyway right after our picnic at Botanical Gardens, ZX and I decided to check out the cafe but little did we know about the really really long walk under a scorching Sun from one end of the garden to the other until we did it ourselves. So if there's anyone who is keen on trying the cafe, do note that it's located at the Tanglin Gate. Do not take the circle line and alight at Botanical Gardens and attempt to walk. You have been warned.

It's a free sitting concept cafe which means that you either choose somewhere at a quiet corner or along one of those long communal tables. Besides that, be aware that it's a self ordering system in place so don't expect to sit there like a boss waiting for staffs to take your orders. Don't complain since they ain't charging any service charge. At least they still serve your food to you so that's still good.
Initially we were only here for a drink but flipping the clipboard menu, we just couldn't resist getting something to munch on. With cash to spare, I decided on House Works ($12). A combination of scrambled eggs, bacon, butter toast, tomato salad and then accompanied by small balls of deep fried hash browns. It's something I always see in a typical brunch setting only just made more affordable.

There's also Basic Works ($7) with only eggs, bacon and toast & Full Works ($18) which is just a further additional of all things good added in a plate. Alternatively, you can customise your own brunch set with your any of your favourite comfort must-have food ranging from $2-$4 and let's not even get started with their pancakes which I see almost one on every table around us. Are they that good? Maybe maybe... I can't say good till I try it right?
My Iced Lime Tea With White Wine ($7) (or red wine if you like) was a great sour sweet quench thirster while ZX's Iced Mocha ($6.50) was terrific and if not aromatic considering that most places I tried were nothing of cups of diluted iced coffee. Plain water are served for free but if this were their drink's standard, then I wouldn't mind spending a few bucks for something to slurp on.

Food For Thought is a great place to chill over brunch given the affordable price they set on their menus. Hence, it's little wonder why it's always a crowd in the late weekend mornings so come around the middle of the day which is much quieter. I couldn't spare a room for anything sweet this time and so does ZX too. Maybe we will will drop by sometime soon just for another brunch session by the gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Tanglin Gate #B1-00
1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569
Tel: +65 6338 4848

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