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Marina Bay Sands family staycation 2012: Fun, laughter & reflectons

Family [noun]: A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not

For every member in any family, it's a place we call home. A safe haven where all things comfy and snuggling dwells. It doesn't matter if you're the youngest daughter in the family or the oldest son. The domestic keeper or just an extended member, say an uncle or an aunt. Everyone both in and out, plays an important role keeping this household running and it doesn't matter if you play a part big or small. 

Being the eldest in both my nucleus and extended family gave me an unprecedented insight of the different scenarios that were played out by members of my extended family. Listening to the woes of various families from friends just reinforce the word "appreciation" more about my family.
Ritual [noun]: An established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite.

In the family context, ritual is more than just religious rites. It's a series of actions or activities which involves almost everyone in the family which occur episodically, have a symbolic meaning for family members, valued by the participants so that they would like the activity to be carried on in the future. Having to said that and applying to my family's context, it'll be spending time sharing and laughing at each other life. Laughing not in the sense of mocking but rather laughing over the silliest things that happen in our lives.

I always make it a point to spend time with my family whenever I can. In fact, it's something I look forward too especially if it's over a meal just like the dinner buffet at Rise during our stay at MBS this year. Everyone ate at their own pacing and leisure. Some were quiet while some were noise pollutants but one thing was certain. We sure enjoyed each other presence. 
Speaking of staycation, this was my second time staying at MBS hotel with my family. Even though it lasted no more than a day, fun, laughter and joy. It was somehow much better than last year. Maybe because there's a extra member in the family demanding me that I carry him all day long while he licks his lollipop all day long. My cousin, he's turned one this year and it's like we shared a bond with one another. I can't really describe the bond though I wished I could understand what he's trying to say sometimes. He's cute and he's funny.

The sleepover was made horrible. It depicts the scene of a war zone or I should say sound like one. Thunderous snores and hideous sleeptalks. I just wish I had more pillows to muff all those noise. One is just not enough and just went I thought I could catch some sleep, the Sun is out and for once I wished breakfast didn't exist...  
We left civilization behind and ventured across the bridge. Gardens by the Bay that's where we were heading. I just wished I was sleeping in bed but my tummy said otherwise. So we walked with the Sun behind our backs and pressed on... 
Hill Street Coffee Shop somehow wasn't located at Hill Street but by the gardens instead. To be honest, I was thinking about Canele next door but somehow access was denied by my mum. She insist that I stopped my sugary diet for once and eat something proper. Canele, I guess I have to wait just another day...
Coffee, eggs and bread. Your typical Chinese old school breakfast at the coffeeshop. I love the strong and aromatic coffee just as I love dipping my kaya toasted bread into my runny egg yolk. If there is a competition  of bread and eggs between Ya Kun, Toast Box and Hill Street, I think Hill Street would make the other two relook at their bread and egg making skills. I have no idea why but I'm sure Hill Street fare no worst that others.
I'm a traditionalist. When I'm done with my eggs, I just wash the plate with coffee and drink the coffee-egg essence. It's very old school indeed. It's something I picked up during the good old youthful days with my grandfather. Where friends think I'm werid and uncle-ish, I like to think the act as not wasting very bit of goodness. 
There's no ham and bacon in a usual Chinese breakfast. How about Redang Chicken and Nasi Lemak instead? The rice smells good but the red chili paste? Let's just say I like it spicier. It just didn't pack a punch.
Mee Rubus is a malay dish that I grew up with but somehow never grew tired off. A little bit of tau foo goreng, a little of fried shallots, one hard boiled egg, a dash of beansprouts over a sea of gravy and noodles. It was great and made better with a fried chicken tight to chew on.
Then someone just have to talk about Harry Potter and before I could say "What a stupid idea to see that Harry Potter exhibition.", I found myself right at the doorstep of the it. I swear I could reiterate all the various scenes since my brother watched it everyday before he heads to school in the afternoons but just because I know what lies behind those rooms doesn't mean I should stop others from experiencing the "thrill and fun" right? 

It was an hour worth of walking and seeing but my brothers and I got really bored the moment we got in. No offense but it is as I said. I could reiterate all the scenes. So don't bother asking me was it fun or great. Even the one that suggested the idea think the money could be spent on cakes!

"So can we go back Canele already? I heard Strawberry Shortie calling out for me."
I got a no for an answer and found myself at the other side of the jungle. Only this time, we are heading into the clouds...
It wasn't a trip to clouds more like hiking up a man-made mount. What a great way to burn that calories. Don't you think?
Just as I appreciate these flowers and plants, I too appreciate all my family acts. It's not what they do that really matter but what the thoughts behind each acts that really does. Life is short. How many 10 years do you have to show care and concern with someone that you see everyday. Don't say tomorrow and or just another day for who knows but there won't be another opportunity like today.

So there it was, my family staycation over at MBS. Fun, laughter and reflections. The view was great and  taking a walk at Garden by the Bay sure make my day though I still think going for that Harry Potter exhibition could have been replaced by afternoon tea at Canele.

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