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Rise: The pinnacle of joy of a dinner buffet

Think about all the roasted beef you can request, the oysters you can grasp and all the different cuisines you can plate and still be dazzled by desserts of every kind all in one place and one price. You walk in feeling empty and you start eating till your hearts content and you walk out full and satisfied, swearing that there won't be another buffet till sometime again. That's what buffet is all about. 

Speaking about good buffets, I have one of the fondest memories of buffets over at Rise by the lobby of Marina Bay Sands (MBS). It was like walking into heaven. Everything I could possibly thought off is there and still be surprised by everything that I never thought off. Especially the huge round marble table filled with nothing but desserts. I felt like I was The Alice in the Wonderland! 

The pinnacle of joy. What is left to say but let the feast begins!
Usually I would skip the carbos in most buffets opting for meats and seafood but I can't say the same when I saw the array of breads, rolls and loafs that Rise has to offer. Some were hard and some were soft but who really cares? You either spread some butter or cheese which you find them just behind the bread station and eat till your heart's content. Just remember to spare a room or many rooms for more dishes that lies await.
Just when you thought there weren't enough bread to break. Think again...
Another good thing about buffet like the ones at Rise is really the variety they have for almost all their stations. There was a good variety of cheese both hard and soft from various different country. My new found favourite has got to be Camembert and Pecorino Romano but nothing beats the soft Brie cheese. I love them slated on my olive sliced bread. 
One of those thing that I never taste much less imagine I could ever see it in a buffet is a honey comb, wax and if not dripping honey. It was a sight to see but way too sticky and even more sweet. Best to slat them on breads if you want to enjoy beewax.
I always find meat platters a little too expensive just for a few slices of cold cuts. Hence, I never really dare venture beyond hams and bacon for a start but that's a different story when you're having a buffet. Smoked Marlin, Smoked Haddock, Tuna Tataki, Mortadella with Pistachio, Air Dried Beef, Beef Mortadella, Beef Pastrami. I had them all. I wish they served Prosciutto or Parma ham but given the variety there is, I dare say I'm contented with cold cuts hams for the day.
Nothing really special about their salads. Just plain cheese, greens and meat.
What about the oysters? Were they fresh? I guess I can say yes after seeing how my brother slurp a mountain of them into his mouth with nothing but lemon to spare. 
Main courses were different cuisines ranging from Indian, Local and Western fare. It was great sampling a little bit of these and a little bit of that. So much so that I forgot to take a snapshot of what I ate. But as always, hits and misses are bound to stay. It's a matter of personal preference.
One of the dish worth mentioning would have to be the Laksa served upon request. The coconut gravy was rich and savoury and just about every ingredient that should be in a good of Laksa is in apart from cockles. Condiments are available just to spice up your nood broth just the way you like.
Just as I was about to get more helpings, my brother told me to take a shot of his carefully plated meat cuts. I can't remember if it's beef or lamb or it sure went well with the green mint sauce. 
Where I find them lacking in their main courses, their dessert station makes up for everything! The spread is commendable with most of the petite sweet treats pleasing to me and my family. 
What I look forward in a dessert buffet. A really tall fountain that flows nothing but dark rich chocolate! It's like a chocolate wish come true! Just talking about it just makes me so excited that I wished I am back there again... Awww, if only I have a fountain at home...
Fancy of a stick of chocolate strawberry joy? 
Ice creams and sorbets were nothing really special unless you love sour stuffs like their Passionfruit and Strawberry Basil. Stick to the chocolate and vanilla scoops just to stay safe.
Chocolate Paradigm.
Raspberry Chocolate Earl Grey Cake
 Cheese Flan.
 Strawberry Tart.
 Meringue Tart.
Mango Passion Fruit Mousse.
Portuguese Egg Tarts
 Chocolate Brownie.
Bread Pudding.
Cranberry Financier.
 Almond Financier.
What can I say apart from having a plate of everything...
Jelly Beans anyone?

The words good and affordable simply don't come together when we are talking about buffet. Hovering at $80 per person after tax, this is one of the more expensive buffets I've eaten this year. But that's what buffet is all about right? You pay a fixed price and you get to enjoy everything there is and to your own comfort and leisure. If budget is an issue then one might wanna consider their lunch buffet priced at $45++.

But for me and my family, Rise might just be one of the best family dinner we had for 2012.

Lobby Level Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore
10 Bayfront Avenue Tower 2,
Tel: +65 6688 5525

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