Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saizeriya: Cheap but still good Italian food

When I think of Italian cuisine. The first place that would come to my mind has to be Pasta Brava @ Craig Road. Why?

Well, let's just say I have many fond memories over there and besides it's located within walking distance of Bonhuer Patisserie and Flor Patisserie! Two of my favourite places that I often hang out over cakes! Heh, sometimes it can get very hard to decide which Patisserie to visit...

But when I think of cheap but still good Italian cuisine. Then it has to be Saizeriya! Pastas under $10? Escargots under $7? Tiramisu under $6? You tell me where to find such a place that sells cheaper than them? Did I mention they don't charge their customers that extra 10% service charge?

Some of my friends love Saizeriya so much that they seem to be there perpetually! Mind you, my friends are quite a fussy eater so if they can keep going back to the same place means something about their quality right?
What happens if you have a friend who have yet to try escargots in their lifetime and you want them to try it but you don't wanna spend a bomb on eating some snails? Well... Bring them to Saizeriya of course!

Six well-cooked snail sitting in a broth of boiling garlicky sauce at $5.80. It's cheap that's for sure! Texture wise... Some say it taste like chicken while my dinner partner told me it taste like mussels? I leave it to you to decide how escargot should taste like...
Four perfectly honeyed marinated, lick smacking and not to mention worth those calories chicken wings ! To be honest, four is too little for me to enjoy! But who am I to complain since it's on the courtesy of my dining partner? Sharing would do just fine for me :)
Trust me, those wings are good I tell you! A must have if you're a chicken wing fan!
I am not a real fan of clams but somehow I always find myself getting the Asari clams spaghetti ($5.80) on almost every single visit. I always enjoy slurping the clam broth after eating clams after clams off their shells and slurping spaghetti like nobody's business!

Sooo... On one of my many visits, I got a bit bored and started to play with my clams shells...
17 were accounted :) My friends were like seriously? Edward is playing with his food? Tsk!
Mushroom and chicken spaghetti ($5.80).
Plain and simple but I have to say it's very filling even for a guy like me.

Personally I prefer the branch at Liang Court compared to City Square Mall. Not because there's a difference in service or food but because Tampopo Deli is located at Liang Court! Haiz...The thing I do in the name of cakes...

Just to take note, I never order their hamburger steaks. It's not worth even considering it if you ask me. Go for their pastas and starters and let's not forget about their desserts! I was informed that their Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream is awesome!

I wanted something green, a Genovese spaghetti ought to do the trick. But who knows, they ran out of it...

Oh well... Just have to come back the next time :)

Liang Court Shopping Centre #02-22
177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 6337 9001
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily

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