Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chinese New Year: A guide to eating snacks II :)

What a day!

Every single home visit was a joy! With another new addition to my REALLY HUGE EXTENDED FAMILY. I have been "promoted" to the status of 公.
Grand Uncle in Chinese. Mind you it's Big Grand Uncle for me hor since I am the eldest :)

Can you imagine how my grand nieces and nephews are gonna address my grandmother? 
Great Great Grand Aunt! WOW! 

But that's not the main point :) The main point is. I literally spent every single moment of today eating! Eating is truly my forte!  And so as promised yesterday, There will be more snacks to be added!
When I was much much younger. I could say that I fell in love eating letters. I always thought that love letter is something that someone imprinted some words onto an edible piece of letter and then roll it up. At least that was what mummy told me...

Let's just say that my mum always had a hard time with my inquisitiveness personality and the best part was I actually believe what my mum said until some time later. How naive I was...

Fast forward to the adolescent stage of mine, I still find myself pretty much in love with eating it. It's crispy and flaky. It's like eating paper crackers only better!
Flat version of love letters. My grandmother scolded me for playing with my food as I was arranging them in a circle. Flat or rolled... It's still taste the same.
Almond biscuits... Mmm, Almost all the household that I visited seem to have at least some snacks that has to do with almond. I mean who wants to hate almonds? I say who wants instead of who will because I do know of people who are allergic to the nut. It's fragrant and sweet :)  Just the way I like my almond biscuits to be :)
I don't really know the Malay or English name of this peanut filling snack but in Cantonese, it's call Got Zai.
Which in english literally means little Ingot. I guess it's very obvious how it was named since it does resemble an ingot :) 

My grandmother loves to tell stories of how when she was young, she would sit beside the table with her elder sister, watching their mummy knelling little ingots... How she would secretly stuff a few into her mouth without getting caught by her mummy but end up getting caned when she was caught... 

I guess that's one of those grandmother's stories that I actually enjoy listening to...
No one makes 腐竹白果, Dried beancurd and Ginkgo nuts soup better than my grandmother does! I could easily down six to ten bowls whenever my grandmother makes it. It's simply the best of the best!
What is Chinese New Year without a good bowl of 红糟鸡, Red Wine Chicken Stew. Don't be mistaken into thinking that the red wine used is some french grape wine. It's actually fermented glutinous rice with red rice bran mixture. A must have dish particularly if you're Hock Chew Nan or in English, people of Fu Zhou :)
I am not sure you notice but there's a chicken feet amidst the stew. The best part is that it comes with nails! hahahah! Just the way I love my chicken feet to be :)
A tray of assorted nuts, straight from the mama shop I suspect but you must be wandering what are those brown stuffs sitting in the middle right?
It's actually 年糕 or year cake if you wanna translate literally. This particular piece was part of a big steam cake which was sliced and pan fried. I really love it when it's fried with egg! I tell you the feeling is totally different! 

Bet you didn't know that my family made them very year right? It's all hand made, from knelling the sticky and starchy mixture all the way to maintaining the temperature of the oven...

CNY is the only time I would eat the chewy cake because for most of the time, it's used as a offering for the Chinese Gods and by the time it's done for offerings, there would be mounds growing all over the brown cake! Not sooo good right?

Day one of CNY has pass... I can't wait for dawn to come and begin another round of eating again! 

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