Sunday, 29 January 2012

Golden Mile Food Center

Golden Mile Food Center is like one of my favourite outspot to have my meals. Everything is there! You want pasta? Bento? Duck Rice? How about Muffin? Located along the long stretch of Beach Road, it's almost walking distance to Bugis! I say half an hour? Far? Well... Sometimes you need that long walk to burn off those calories right? Especially hawker food aren't exactly healthy to begin with :)

But most importantly... It's located in the EAST! I just love staying in Tampines! Well... You will know why soon...

 Japanese food don't always come cheap and much less serving good quality ingredients. But it's a different story at 日本料理 (#01-63). 日本料理 means Japanese Cuisine in Chinese.
Japanese Bento sets ranging from 5-6 bucks and my favourite Japanese Curry at $6? It's definitely cheaper than your average food court Japanese bento. A must come if you're wanna save and scrimp but still wanna enjoy a good meal :)

I had a hard time choosing from their signboard menu since more than half of them had a sticker with the "Best" on it... Seems like they got quite a lot of feedback about their food to dare openly declare their bento as best...
Katsu Bento Set ($5). The cutlet was fried on the spot. I like my food to be piping hot when it's served. Though the rice was bit cold...But all in all, I daresay it's one of those better Japanese Bentos I had.  Not the best though...since I had a similar rendition in Japan :) Which has been my benchmark for Katsu ever since which has to reflect the quality I am seeking right? 

There are also tons and tons of noodles stalls around the hawker center but a must try would be Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee (#01-88).
This is what my mummy grow up back in her old childhood days. Now why the name "Ko Ko Mee"? Back in the old days when policeman were still in shorts. It's pretty common to see hawkers selling noodles and other stuffs on moblie carts. And how do you get your customers to patronize you? You simply knock two bamboo sticks together of course which produces the sound "Ko Ko" Pretty straight forward right?

People who wants a bowl will just shout "Ah Tee" which simply mean Brother in Hokkien. Well, I guess there wasn't a woman selling noodles back then... Fast forward a few decades when your average Singaporean cops put on long pants...
You still have that same bowl of fishball noodles :) Without the Ko Ko rhythm that is. Sorry for the mess, I couldn't draw out my camera in time before my brother starts eating.
There's something about queue that I can always infer from. Either the place is famous for it's history or it's simply too good not to miss out! Nevertheless, I decided to try out a few bowls of of glutinous rice balls from Ah Balling Peanut Soup (01-75), just opposite of the Japanese Stall only :)
Again this was the only photo I had. My family finished all the tang yuan almost immediately. My favourite bowl was the almond paste. It was sweet and delightful. Somehow, I didn't have cravings for peanut soup today. As for their tang yuan, they have all the assorted flavors but the best was the black sesame. It's beyond words I tell you! 

If glutinous rice ball doesn't suit your taste, how about getting Muffins (#01-97)? 
Just look at the variety they sell! Blueberry, Walnut, Coconut, Cheese, Chocolate, Strawberry! "Mummy Mummy! Can I have one of everything? Pretty Please?" My mum ignored my silly request :( She can't stand my silliness at times :)
 These are for tomorrow's breakfast :) I can't wait to sink my teeth in my chocolate chips muffin!
There's another branch at Tampines? That's awesome! I foresee myself to pay a visit once a while to curb my muffin addictions. Hehehe, muffins are my weakness...

There's also a small bakery shop (#01-96)
Again... I pestered my mummy to buy one of everything... 
Heh, this time my mum pretended I didn't exist at all. LOL! 
How to resist freshly baked buns? There are many other great hawker stall within the building. Like the award winners of Makansutra, Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon (#01-101) and Mansaku Japanese Food (#01-93) or the ever popular Fried Kway Teow Mee (#01-91).

Food are still relatively cheaper than other food centers and much better in terms of variety and quality. I definitely will be back again to try that Japanese Curry! 

Till then, stay hungry always :)

Golden Mile Food Center
505 Beach Road, Singapore 199583

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