Friday, 13 January 2012

Manhattan Fish Market

When I have craving for deep fried dories or grilled halibuts, it's either Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) or Fish & CO. 

The on going debate... Which is better? Fish & Co has more variety and bigger portions but MFM is still cheaper but let's face it. Fish & Co will always beat Manhattan! Clearly, I'm a Fish & Co FAN!!!
Ever wonder why Sardines are the silliest fish the sea...
Because they climb into tins, close the lid and leave the key outside. I thought it was pretty silly but well since it's a joke, might as well laugh it off.
Regular Dory Fish & Chip ($10.90). Classic deep fried battered fish serve with MFM's signature garlic herb sauce. At least that's what they claim. If you have to ask me, there's isn't anything special about the sauce. Chance upon their menu, you might realize that they serve regular or light. If you're baffled like some of my friends were, it's just the difference in portion. In the case of fish & chips, it means having either two pieces or one miserable piece.

How do I know it's miserable?
Because I order it? For the slight difference in price... It's much more worth getting the regular compared to the light! It wasn't enough for me! But well, since we were heading to Cafe Cartel for cakes so better to save some room for desserts right? I will share on my next post :)
Fiery Snapper & Mussels ($13.90) When I saw the photo in the menu, the snapper filets were bright redish brown but here, I am confronted by over-grilled filets... At least the mussels save the day... As least that's what my friend say.
Regular Grilled Catch of the Day, Dory ($12.90). I would agree to their statement they made...

There's nothing quite like it...

Indeed there's nothing quite like it. I meant it in a not so good way. Again, the filet was over-cooked! It's dry and it's tough. The only saving grace for this is the size of the filet. 
Our total bill for five individuals was a mere $40.32. Those vouchers sure come in handy!  I have several bad experiences at Plaza Singapura's outlet. From the constant rationales I gave to myself that they are still catching my fish, hence the long wait. To the rude and impatient staffs who seems disinterested in the customers they serve so much so that I ceased to patronize MFM for almost a year!

I am in the opinion that you aren't just providing food for your customers to satisfy their hunger. It's goes way deeper than that. It's about feeding your hungry customers, ensuring they enjoy their meals through both the food and services...

The outlet at Northpoint did it well. The staffs were willing to answer our questions and they were more attentive, refilling our cups even before they were emptied.

But still, I still prefer Fish & Co over to MFM!
Maybe it's time to pay them a visit to show you why...

Northpoint Shopping Center #02-06/07
Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore 769098
Tel: +65 6257 5507
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm daily

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