Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rive Gauche Patisserie: Cheese cake

"Light and Creamy daily baked cheese cake with crunchy cookie base..."

Upon knowing some of my friends who were yearning to pay a New Year visit to my humble house.
I was wondering what should I offer my thoughtful friends?
I mean I can't expect my guests to arrive with nothing to offer them right?

Being me, the best thing I can think of is getting cake I decided a cheesecake from Rive Gauche.
That's so me right? I can't help it I guess? I have a great weakness for cakes!

I was hoping to get a that coffee liquor infused mousse cake or more commonly known as Tiramisu. But on second thoughts, my friends weren't much of an alcohol cake fan like me... so I decided to give her a skip this time...

Rive Gauche's rendition of cheesecake may seem like you typical cheesecake but that's just superficial talk.  Mmm... How should I put it? A thick layer of fresh cream cheese that's light and airy sitting on a thick piece of cookie base. Yeah, that's how you phrase it.

If only I have a cheesecake for breakfast every morning... Life would be sooooo good...

I have tried many of Rive Gauche cakes. Besides the liquorish tiramisu, there's also Mont Blanc which I find it to be delightful with swills of french chestnuts puree and the ever popular french puff pastry, Napoleon cake. These are two of my all time favourites whenever I have the chance to get my hands on them!

Rive Gauche does have 3 other outlets mostly confined with the central area of Singapore. Takashimaya, Suntec and Plaza Singapura. But for me, I am just thankful that they decided to set up a shop within Tampines.

Well... What more can I say?
It's good to stay in the east! Particularly Tampines!

Tampines 1 #B1-13
10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536
Tel: +65 6789 5518

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