Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cafe Cartel: Satisfying that late night cravings

The most beautiful woman is nothing but a mere indifference...
But sweet cakes and savoury pastries... They are my weakness!

At times...
I would be caught daydreaming about chocolate souffles,
I would be heard praising tiramisu,
I would be slurping a bowl of red bean soup
I would be seen enjoying muffins and scones...

Ahhhh! I can never seem to get enough for desserts!

I really have a soft spot for them! They have all my attention that's for sure! So much so that some of my friends are sick and tried of my obsession! But well, it takes another dessert fan to understand this mentality...

Soo... After the dinner at Manhanttan, I decided to head down to Cafe Cartel for cakes! Or I should say I've been pressing my friends to go Cafe Cartel with me! Like seriously right? The things I do just to get my hands on some cakes! I think this has become an addiction already! 

But honestly, what better more to end off the day with a few slices of cakes to sweeten your dream? Cakes at half price after 9pm at Cafe Cartel, This is too much of a temptation for me not to miss it! I am taking that Cafe Cartel aren't going to keep their cakes and hence the promotion. All the more I shouldn't waste food!
The classic American Cheese Cake.Words are superficial just to describe the texture and taste... It's good I tell you though I find the cake to be crumbly. But that's alright... It's meant to be that way :)
Feast your eyes with this beaut! The Black Forest
You're sexy and you know it! Indeed you are sexy my dear...

I was disappointed to know that those cherries aren't soaked in liquor. Apart from that, it's a fine cake not to miss it!
I had my doubts with Hazelnut Chocolate. It looks pretty plain and for me, any cakes I stuffed in my mouth has to be the worth eating or else I won't have that near me! Well, I was assured by my friends that it's a fine cake and I shall give it a try on my next visit :)

You see I was hesitating if I should get the Tiramisu Cheesecake... But in the end, I realized that Cafe Cartel's rendition of Tiramisu has no alcohol content. Just another espresso soaked cheesecake... I mean what's Tiramisu without brandy? 

So I gave that a miss...

Do not order their New York Cheesecakes! You have been warned!

Coming back to Cafe Cartel's cakes. Mmmm, they are good that's for sure but don't expect too hotel's standards. Afterall, desserts are meant to be enjoy not compare! Cafe Cartel might just best place to settle your late nights dessert cravings. Though I have to say, the half price promotion sure makes you wanna order even more!

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51 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768794
Tel: +65 6555 7550

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