Monday, 9 January 2012

TCC: A connoisseur's concert

After my family's dinner at Shin Minori, we weren't really willing to go home just yet. We took one of those family walk at Robertson Quay and someone merely suggested...

Anyone up for a cup of coffee?

You could see the sparkle in our eyes! Like Hello? We just had a Japanese buffet dinner just half an hour ago? I suggested Canele Patisserie but well, they were already close for the day and so... we went over to TCC @ Robertson Quay!
Colombia Supremo ($7.90). A decent cuppa with a cookie to go by...
Toffee Chocolate Frappe ($8.00) Taste just as it's is...
It was my brother, Eddie first time to TCC. He had a hard time deciding what should he get. I strongly recommended to him the Chocolate of Wealth ($8.00). It's my personal favorite! I find myself getting this almost every time I visit TCC! Just look at the swills of chocolate fudge! As as they say... It's sinful that's for sure :)

What did I get right? Well, I wanted to try something new instead of the always having the same drink...
Marble Cheese Coffee ($8.50). Initally, I thought it was some cheesecake infused drink. I guess the marble cheese comes from the grated cheese sprinkled on the top! Coffee and cheese maybe a weird combination... but surprisingly it turned out great! You slurp some cheese amidst the coffee and they just melt in your mouth! It was a whole new experience for me!
How can we not have cakes while slurping coffee? Strawberry Yoghurt Roll ($5.80) A sponge based swiss roll with chunks of strawberries amidst a thick white yoghurt core and finish off with a layer of snow white cream. A very light cake, not overtly sweet. The strawberries were very sour though...

I find TCC's cakes to be just alright, nothing special but they are cheaper than your usual dessert cafes.
Which means I would often more than just two if I can afford that is.

The Connoisseur Concerto is one of those place I would go more often compared to other coffee chains. It maybe much more expensive than your typical starbucks coffee but the quality is far from it! Remember what you pay for is not just the drinks/desserts/main course but the ambience as well.

You see, there's not a single outlet's that has the same interior design. That's something special about the Concerto :) It's always a new experience at TCC... Only fit for a Connoisseur that is :)

The Pier @ Robertson #01-01/02
80 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239013
Tel: +65 6733 8707
Opening Hours: Sundays to Thursdays & Public Holidays: 8am-11pm
                         Fridays, Saturdays & Eve of Public Holidays: 8am-2am

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